Regret can be an absolute horrible feeling to have, especially if it's intense. Regret can cause us to become depressed or to feel a great deal of stress. It can cause us to freeze up and think too much about the past, completely ignoring all the great possibilities that the future has to offer.

Anyone that has felt regret know that the act out beating yourself up about something that you did or did not do in the past is not a very pleasurable thing, but yet so many of us do it.

Here is some advice that you can use to let go of any feelings of regret that you may have.

· Stop focusing on the negative.
Don't focus on the missed opportunities, the wasted time or the actions that you took that were wrong.

· Start to focus on the positive.
We all have different paths in life, you may have missed out on a lot of things in the past and done things wrong, but it has taken you to the place where you are today. While you may not like where you have ended up, remember that adversities truly does make us stronger.

Did you fail the majority of classes in college? Great, now you have some time to think about whether college really is a good choice for you. Maybe you would rather start your own company or start your music career instead of going to college? Or maybe you do want to go back, well, now you can go back and do it the right way, you know what you want to do now.

Did you say something that was hurtful to someone else? Ok. Now you can learn from that and treat people better in the future. In the end, people will admire your kindness to others.

Always focus on the positive.

· Realize that the past is over.
You can't change the past. Stop feeling bad about it, it's not going to change anything other than to make you miserable. Start planning for the future.
Dream. What do you want to do now?

Then start taking action towards the vision that you have created.

· Take good care of yourself. Eat healthy, get plenty of good sleep, exercise, hang out with friends, love your significant other and work on something that you are passionate about.
All these will have a tremendous effect on your mental health.

Stop beating yourself up, look at it from a different angle. Pick yourself up and learn from it. If something bad happens to you; always ask yourself; "What is the lesson for me to learn from this?"

Learn from the past, plan for the future but live in the present moment.