Have bad neighbors? We all do!

Dealing with bad neighbors can be...tricky. You live beside them, you see them everyday, and you learn little bits about their everyday life without really trying. The problem is - every once in awhile you come across a bad egg. While ignoring it works for awhile, it will soon take a toll on you very fast. This is how you can effectively deal with rotten neighbors.

Communication is key. You can't just WISH they would stop whatever it may be that annoys you. You must open the conversation for anything to change. Talking to them can be one of the most effective solutions. Sometimes people don't realize what they are doing wrong and will stop when informed.

Ignore the little things. Yes, it may disturb you slightly but there are some things you can let slide, right? You don't want to come across as a "snob" to any of your neighbors. So, pick your battles wisely. Dog poop in your yard, eh...let it go. Noise and loud parties at night might be the battle you should pick. See what I'm getting at? If your not the only one that having an issue with a neighbor, talk to others in your neighborhood. You might be able to talk to them as a group. That way, you can all express your concerns.

Don't make it worse. Going back and forth doing childish things to annoy your neighbors once they have annoyed you is NOT the way to go. Never fight fire with fire. This will only cause fuel to the flame.

If your renting, and don't want to cause conflict - talk with your landlord. Inform your landlord of the issue concerning your neighbor and let them deal with it. That way, you know your not causing a conflict between anyone else. Your landlord can make an informed decision on what to do about it. If worse comes to worst, call the police and let them handle it. Never be afraid to call the authorities if you have a serious problem with them.