So you have decided to finally get around to installing your external hard drive into a wireless connection and allowing for seamless transfer of files to and from your wireless instruments. This is a great step forward, but one important thing needs to be answered. How much memory capacity do I need to have in order to ensure that I won't run out in the near future? Of course at the same time you don't want to go and just buy the largest capacity drive either, that would be a waste of your valuable money. This guide will attempt to answer that question and have you well on your way.

Things You Will Need

The first thing to determine is what sort of files you will be placing on your external device. Is this meant for backup only, or are you planning on sharing files between multiple devices? So let's start with the most common file types that people have and move from there. Pictures tend to be the thing that people want to have backed-up most often and also take up a lot of space if you have a large quantity of them. Go to your Windows explorer or similar and see how much space your current pictures are taking up. From here I would double that space requirement and set that as your picture baseline. Pictures tend to add up fast and furious with the advent of digital pictures, so no need to short change ourselves here. The next most common files people have that take up any amount of space are songs. The size of some people's music libraries is quite impressive. So go and look at how much space this is taking up on your current hard drive and I would at least add 50% to that in order to be safe. I would double it if you are a music audiophile and plan on continuing to add to your music collection at a break neck pace.
Some other things to keep in mind are the movie files that you may have. This includes home movies of your children as well as backed up DVDs. If you are backing up BluRay discs I would especially take note as they are data hogs. Make sure to again take note of the space they are taking up. If you are planning on putting a pile of BluRay movies on your hard drive I would take note of what you think you may add, as this number can get enormous quick and will make all other calculations moot. I would take the space taken up by these files and again double it to be safe, more if you are planning on having an impressive BluRay library on your wireless drive.
As for the remaining files you will be backing up, I would just go with a standard 10 GB of space for these unless you are backing up other types of files that will take up a lot of space. Most peoples resumes, old term papers and the like don't tend to take up much space at all.
So there you have it, a quick way to go through your computer files and find a quick estimation of the size of wireless hard drive to buy. Most people will likely come up with a number in the range of 320-500 GB unless they have a lot of music, pictures and/or BluRay movies. It is totally dependent on how you use your memory and what you want to store on your external wireless hard drive.

Tips & Warnings