You have been reading a lot about work at home jobs versus home-based businesses, and now you are trying to decide what the right choice might be for you.

Things You Will Need

You will need a strong desire to build a work at home career from the ground up.

Step 1

First of all, depending on how much time you have at your disposal, it might not have to be an either/or situation! That's rightdepending upon your particular circumstances you may actually be able to choose both.

Step 2

Of course, the choices you make between telecommuting jobs and home businesses often depend upon what else is going on in your life right at this very moment. For instance, do you have very young children at home with you? If so, it might be difficult to work a phone job at home (except when they are sleeping).

Step 3

Fortunately, while there always seem to be plenty of work from home jobs that require you to talk to customers on the phone, there are also some that do not involve any phone work at all, including freelance writing jobs, educational test scoring jobs, and medical transcription jobs, just to name a few.

Especially if money is tight (as it is for pretty much everyone these days), please be extremely careful about any home-based businesses (such as affiliate marketing, blogging for money, or working as an ebay seller) that you might be considering. I repeat: Always proceed with the utmost caution. Only consider home business ventures that are extremely low cost to start. After all, one of the biggest perks of launching a home-based business is that it is often significantly less expensive than starting up an offline business.

Tips & Warnings

The good news is that whether you are more interested in work from home jobs or home-based businesses (or perhaps both!), the internet is absolutely overflowing with more and more home-based work opportunities and choices every single day. You just need to remember to use your best judgment, discretion and research skills in order to avoid falling for any scams. Also, be sure to visit telecommuting message boards for great, up to date tips and information about specific, legitimate home jobs and businesses, as well as those that are less than legitimate, to say the least. You will be amazed by what just a minimal amount of research can turn up about any potential opportunity.