If you have made the right choice this year, and are going to buy solar Christmas lights for your outdoor decorating, then you now have many choices in just how to decorate your yard. There are so many choices, that really, your wallet is the deciding factor!

You can do the typical outdoor holiday decorating, such as string up lights around the roof or outline your door, but now you can think outside the box. You are no longer restricted to decorating parts of your yard that could only be reached with an extension cord.

You can now go that much further, and depending on your budget and your creativity, you can do more.


 You can purchase solar wreaths which are cool, but you can also make your own, by purchasing a small twinkle kit, and wrap it around your old wreath, or one that you just don't want to part with. So, jazz it up a bit with some lights, in many different colors. As long as the little light collector can get some natural light during the day, your wreath will twinkle from dusk to dawn. But maybe this year it is time to get rid of that tired old wreath and check out these larger wreaths for your front door with the built in solar collector. With no plug to worry about, these look great on the front door.


Net Lightssolar net lights



18" Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Solar Powered Christmas Outdoor Garden Statue
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)
this is really cute!

Statues and Figurines

You can purchase ready made statues that already have a solar collector built into the figure in different colors. You can place these anywhere in your yard. They do not have to be in a line just so they can share an extension cord anymore! You can get reindeer, Santa, snowmen, sleigh and more. But you need to shop early You could even build your own display, since you no longer have the restrictions of power.

Another way to decorate,  is to take your present favorite statues and wrap them with kits of colored twinkle solar Christmas lights and then place the light collector in the ground solar Christmas lights (28856)near by. This way you can still use your old holiday decorations. But treat yourself this year, and get some of the already made light powered Christmas statues this year, they are really cool.


You can create themes on your front yard out of these and statues or figurines.

Covers for Your Solar Lights


So, what if you already have a driveway lined with solar lights, or a walkway? You don't want to be buying another set just for the holidays, right? So, now you can buy colored covers for most styles. This adds a festive touch, and you don't have to remove yours.

Solar Net Lights
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(price as of Aug 6, 2013)
these look really cool over shrubs. You may need a few sets.

These are really cool. You can buy what basically looks like a large fish net, that is filled with bulbs, or tiny twinkles, and you put these over your shrubs and bushes. These have a really neat effect in some of the newer deep blues, especially if there is some snow on the bushes. You can get different colors and they twinkle nicely. This is stunning if you get a few sets and have them around the house or driveway. This is a really quick and easy way to decorate for the holidays, especially if you have a lot of thick shrubs or bushes.


 You can get the stunning icicle lighting in the solar strings as well. These look really good off the eaves of your house or garage. Or around your front porch. Pretty well what ever you could get in a regular holiday decorating, you can now get in the solar equivalent.

Traditional String Lights

 If you love decorating for the holidays using the traditional string lighting, then you can replace your old hydro sucking ones with these solar ones. Wrap them around fence posts, trees, poles or anything you would normally decorate for the holidays. As long as the light can get at the solar collector panel, then they will absorb daylight during the day and create that warm glow of your place from dusk until dawn.


 You can light up your house for the holidays with a colored spotlight in solar power. No more power cords for this one either!

Changing Globe

 This is really cool. If you have one of these near your front door, in a spot that can attract the sun during the day, then you will see this multi colored changing globe that is a really cool addition to your holiday decorating.

So, this year, go through your outdoor holiday decorations early, and decide which ones you will replace, and which ones you will update with the solar powered lights, such as solar covers. You need to start this early, and if you want to see the effects of your work, then you need to get them out in the morning, and then wait for the evening to see your magical decor.

You can purchase these online, and you can also get booklets on different ideas for displays. But with the freedom this year of no plugs and no wires, then you are going to have fun creating your holiday display with Christmas solar lights.

These solar powered lights, have also become popular in other seasons, and you can also use them after the holidays to dress up your patio as patio lights at your summer parties, especially the miniature white ones, and the same with the net lights for your bushes and shrubs. So, they can be reused!

Last year, these were sold out quickly, so why not start checking the stores now, and stock up on your solar Christmas lights. See also Buying Solar Christmas Lights