Why do we have so many people who turn to violent murder? When watching the various show on the Investigate Discovery Channel on Satellite TV you see case after case of murder. Most of the cases of murder are for stupid reasons. A guy gets mad at his wife so he kills her. A woman kills her husband because they are in debt and she needs his life insurance money to make the mortgage on there house. Young teens robbing a house and when the homeowner spots them they get scared and fire a gun at him killing him. All senseless.

Police At Scene Of CrimeOccasional we see a case where self defense or property defense was the reason for killing the intruder. Those may be acceptable but when you kill someone for something stupid it shows how stupid our society is. The reason for more murders now is there are more people. The percentage of people that get caught for murder and sentenced to life in prison is higher now then ever in the History of our country. The science and technology that allows criminals to be captured is increasing every year. DNA and fingerprints are common technologies used by Law Enforcement Officers that used to be nothing but Sci-Fi nonsense. Now the FBI is looking into and researching brain waves in order to interrogate suspected criminals.

We are much more aware of murders in our society because of Television and the Internet. We can read and research about all the murders around the world. If a murder happens in Paris, New York, or Burley Idaho then everybody in the world can read about the crime on the internet. One great thing about all of the Crime Shoes on TV is it makes it look like the police and FBI can catch every murder regardless of how well they plane there crime. We see crime documentaries on shows such as Dateline where the perfect murder was done yet the FBI and Law Enforcement was still able to catch the murder. The good thing is these shows may dissuade many people form attempting to commit a pre-planned murder. Many young people realize that there will be no way to get away with a pre-planned murder and they do not want to get the death penalty or life in Prison so they do not pre-plan a murder.

The murders that have made the most headlines in the past few years tend to be the killings of young kids as well as the husbands that plot out and kill there wife. Many of these crimes do not need to be sensationalized as they as crazy enough as it is. People plot online with other arm chair sleuths and try to get into the murders head. Arm Chair computer sleuths can usually come up with some great theories as to how, why, and who in some murder cases. The only problem these at home amateur sleuths run into is that police rarely release all of the information they have. It is also common in some cases for police to say they do not have a suspect when in reality they have a string suspect who is being covertly watched around the clock as police and FBI gather enough evidence to make sure the suspect is not only charged with the crime but also found guilty in a court of law.

We have television shows such as he "First 48" which follows actual homicide investigators on actual homicides. They are not re-enactments. By following these cases we can see how homicide investigators have to deal with multiple investigations at a time. No day is the same for a homicide investigator. We as civilians realize that the reason some murders are not solved is not because of a police force that is inept but simply that the police force in understaffed. Budget cuts mean less police on the streets. Less police mean more crime and less of those crimes solved. Even in small communities such as American Falls, Idaho we should encourage the growth of police Forces by adding more officers than are necessary. On slow days they can research cold cases. They can also spend more time operating speed traps. The increased number of traffic tickets for speeding will help subsidize the cost of having additional officers. These officers will also be able to help arrest more drunk drivers. If a police force in a small town normally has 3 officers on duty there will be many times when calls for police help will take an extended period of time. If you double the number of cops on duty you can easily prevent a lot of crime. A lot of the criminals will simply go to some other town because of the huge increase of police presence in there hometown.

By increasing the number of officers on a police force by a large number the criminal to cop ration is drastically cut leading to more arrests and bad people took of the streets and put into jails. Much of the increased cost of adding police officers can be offset by the increased numbers of DUI and other common crimes. The police can arrest more drunk drivers. The judge can then fine each of the drunk drivers and the costs they incur will offset the costs to the city for the police force.

There are many people who view police in a negative light but we need to realize that for the most part cops are making the streets safer for us. Do not get pissed of if you get pulled over for speeding. Just don't speed. Speeders kill many innocent bicyclists and pedestrians each year. If you speed or talk on your cell phone as your drive your car and run into an innocent person then you are just as guilty of murder as the guy who killed his wife. A huge increase in the police force will prevent many murders each year. More cops are the solution for many crimes in around the country. Image Credit: (Flickr/Andrew mason)