Most Likely if you are reading this...I am guessing a litter of puppies are on the way soon. Some people refer to have a vet deliver puppies for them but if you fill confident that you can deliver them yourself, this how to guide should help you. Delivering puppies can be stressfull, but if you know what to do, this can be exciting.

Things You Will Need

1)Setting Up A C0mf0rtable Environment

Your dog will know when it is time to deliver the puppies...but you want to make sure she feels comfortable during labor. A quiet area is highly recommended. If your dog does not feel comfortable and secure, she will not deliver them right away. Lots of blankets will be needed. Delivering puppies can be messy. Lots of mucus and blood are involved.

2) Comfort Your Dog

Usually before your dog goes into labor, she'll start panting heavy and a clear mucus plug will drop from her vagina. Remember dogs only stay pregnant for about 53 longer than63. Make sure to comfort her. Pet her and keep her calm. Make her feel good about herself and confident. This sometimes stops her from whining a lot.

3)Take Care Of The Puppies

Once the puppies arrive. Your dog will do most of the work of taking care of them. It is ok to help dry the puppies off. DO NOT WET THEM. A dry towel will be enough. Once you do that put them immediatley back with their mother b.c they start nursing right away. Your dog will lick them and eat all the sacks that they come out of..this is normal and ok. Usually there is a runt or two in the liter that for some reason the mom will not claim. You can be prepared by buying puppy bottles and puppy milk at local stores like Walgreens or CVS.

Nursing ImmediatleyBeginning of Labor Array

Tips & Warnings