Part of relaxing at the end of the day is kicking off your shoes and putting your hardworking feet up for a well deserved rest. As you turn to your family to talk about your day, you may notice the simple action of removing your shoes has just cleared the room, even the dog went to get some fresh air. People who don’t know you well may contemplate a quick call to HAZMAT. Maybe the time has come to do something about your smelly shoes.Deodorize Shoes

Shoes absorb the odor of sweaty feet all day, no wonder they are so stinky! Some shoes retain the smell more than others depending on what material the shoes are made of and how often the shoes are worn. Manmade materials tend to make the feet sweat more than natural fibers because most manmade materials are a plastic base and plastic does not allow air flow which then results in more sweating and sweat staying inside of the shoe. It's best not to wear the same shoes two days in a row. For many people that is not an option. These methods work on all shoes from soccer cleats to work boots to a pair of heels. 

Scented Cat Litter Takes the Stink Out

 Fill a pair of thin knee high sock or cut pantyhose off just below the knee.

Fill the hose or socks with scented cat litter.

Stuff thRemove Shoe Odore sock or pantyhose into the shoes.

Leave the deodorizers in the shoes whenever you are not wearing them.

You can also make scented cat litter sachets.

Cut 5 to 6 inch squares of cheesecloth.

Lay two pieces of cheesecloth on a flat work surface, one on top of the other.

Pour cat litter into the center of the square.

Fold the cheesecloth over and tie the top closed with string or ribbon.

Cat litter absorbs odor and dampness.

Bounce Dryer Sheets Banish Shoe Odor

Place an unused Bounce Dryer Sheet into each shoe.

Allow the dryer sheets to remain in the shoes overnight to freshen and deodorize your shoes.

Bounce Dryer Sheets can be reused nightly for several week to deodorize shoes.

 Borax To The RescueDeodorize Shoes(81692)

Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of Twenty Mule Team Borax into each shoe.

Allow the borax to sit overnight and dump it out in the garbage in the morning.

Borax absorbs shoe odor.

Fresh Lemon Scented Shoes and Feet

Sprinkle fresh or concentrated lemon juice on a couple of sheets of newspaper.

Crumple the newspaper and stuff it into each shoe.

Let the newspaper remain in the shoes over night.

Lemon deodorizes and leaves a fresh scent in your smelly shoes, boots or sneakers.

 Charcoal Absorbs Odors

Place one to two charcoal briquettes into each sock.

Place one sock in each shoe.Shoe Dryer

Leave the odor absorbers in the shoe overnight.

 White Vinegar to Kill Shoe Odor

Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle.

Mist the insides of the shoes.

White vinegar will kill odor causing bacteria and leave behind a clean, fresh scent. It only takes a few minutes for the vinegar smell to fade away.

The Old Deodorizing Standby

 Sprinkle baking soda in each shoe and allow to sit overnight.

Odors frShoe deodorizerom shoes can be downright nauseating

 All of these methods work to deodorize stinky shoes. Try them all to see what works best for you.

Always try not to wear the same shoes for several days in a row especially in hot weather or while you are working out or playing a sport.