If you go to the internet to find out what an herbal detox is or you've heard something about it and want more information, then you will probably be a little disappointed. Let me explain that point. There is a vast amount of information available there, but because of this, you might find that the specific answer to this question will elude you. So, this article is going to examine how it can be defined and how you might benefit from an herbal detox diet or other program.

To begin with, remember that not all information is final and that you may find that some things contradict one another. This is the way things are in the health and wellness fields. Sometimes, the information is conflicting because the manufacturers of the products being sold have corporate interests and profit in mind. There may be perfectly suitable herbal detox supplements offered by another manufacturer at half the price or twice the potency, but you will not hear of this one. Additionally, you may be able to find that you can do a natural detox process using simple food choices and basic herbs, we'll get to that later. Therefore, keep this in mind as these companies may recommend their types of products or services over others that could be doing the same thing.

This type of conflict of interest has been brewing in the pharmaceutical world for quite some time. Recently, there has been even more pressure to get vitamin and supplement companies to have to abide by the same rules and governance that would be overseen by the FDA. This has caused nothing short of a grassroots uprising against such legislation. However, I believe much of the information is misguiding. In the end, if anything like this does come down the pipe for natural vitamin and supplement companies, it will only be good for the consumer. Sure, prices for herbal detoxification products and others may go up, but so will safety and efficacy of the products themselves. At this point, you basically have to just trust what the company says is in their product to some degree. I'm a fairly trusting person, but you should really have some type of standard to assess these products by. This brings up the next point, which is

What Are Herbal Detox Products and Supplements

There is nothing necessarily magical about what herbal detox products are. They are simply herbs and plants that have been shown to have properties that cleanse the body, specifically, the liver, kidney and colon. These are the three main areas where dietary intake will have the greatest impact on cleaning your body out from toxic overload. In the end, these herbs and other natural food choices will help you body to purify and rid itself of the accumulation of various toxins from pollution, diet and other environmental agents affecting our health and well being.

Here are just a few of these known herbs that have detoxifying properties: dandelion, burdock, milk thistle, nettles, psyllium, licorice root and green tea. The properties of the licorice root and agents in the green tea are more know for their general antioxidant properties. The others are known to be potent herbs to detoxify your body.