People would often look for a diet program that can give them quick and positive results. In fact, many have already tried several programs but just could not find one that will work for them. One must keep in mind that losing weight is not about the program they are in but on their determination to lose weight. There are lots of weight loss programs available for everyone to try. It is just important that the program is suitable for them and their lifestyle and something that will make them feel comfortable. Before getting into a program, one should know that they themselves can make their own diet program according to what they are comfortable with. People just need to know which foods are right for them and can make them healthy and at the same time help them in their aim to lose weight. A green diet plan is a great way to start one’s aim in trimming down and losing some pounds off. It is easy to formulate one’s own green diet. You can just follow these simple steps and set your own green diet plan.  Here are the simple steps to follow so that one can get on with their own weight loss program.


As a preface, green tea and garlic should be a part of your diet in order to increase the fat burning process. You can read more about the affects of green tea and garlic in weight loss by pressing here.

Step 1:

First step is to choose a way to detoxify your system. It is said that if you first clean your system, you will have an easier time redefining your diet plan. Choose a detoxifying move that is comfortable and convenient for you. It is important for one to go through something that they can really do instead of being forced to do it just because you have a goal. Doing something that you are comfortable with will make you enjoy your journey to a trimmer you. For the detoxification, you can do things such as exercising, eliminating toxin-providing elements like alcohol, coffee, sugars and fats, relaxing and relieving from stress. You can choose to do all of these or at least one or two just to get your system going and be prepared for the green diet that you will be undergoing.


Step 2:

Once you have gotten over your detoxification period, you will then need to clean up your eating habits. Eliminate fatty foods, processed foods and unhealthy foods. Fatty meats are also taken away from your diet. This diet is called the green diet simply because you will slowly turn away from meat and all the fats in it. Take away the fat from meat. Instead of taking fried foods, take roasted or steamed instead. Lean meat is the next step you can take. By doing this step, you are preventing fats to further add the pounds in your weight.


Step 3:

Now, this is the step wherein you will be introduced to all healthy foods. It is important that you add leafy green vegetables to your diet. These are the healthiest foods you can take. And the best thing about vegetables is that even if you take a bunch of them, you will not get fat. They are very healthy and nutritious also. When you decide to take the green diet, you are always on the winning end. It is up to you which vegetables you want to take just as long as you have them in each and every meal you take. Think of these as your main ingredient in every food that you take.


Step 4:

After getting used to eating vegetables, add more nutritious foods to your diet. Fruits will always be great additions to the diet of someone who wants to lose weight plus be healthy also. Take fruits that are rich in fiber. This is also one way to detoxify and clean up your system. You can even take fruits as your snacks or dessert.


Step 4:

As with some diet programs, planned recipes or meals are present. You can also make your own diet plan just as long as you have the main and important ingredients in your green diet. You can even make your own recipes if you wish. The most important thing in this step is that you will not be deprived of eating delicious meals and foods that you will enjoy.


Step 5:

It is always important that water is always present in one’s diet plan. Besides, water helps in detoxification process in one’s system. Make sure that you set the right amount of water that you will take within the day and of course, follow your limit strictly. Water helps in making one feel full longer. It also helps in replenishing energy to the body. And it is responsible in pushing out the toxins away from one’s system.


Step 6:

Exercise will always be a part of a successful diet program. As you lose weight, it is important to get into a program that can firm up your muscles and skin. This will prevent you from looking sagged or haggard. Exercising is also another way of flushing out toxins from your body. But be sure that you choose exercise routines that you can do without any hassles. Set a schedule suitable for your daily activities. If you cannot do hard exercises, just take the light ones. The important thing in this step is for you to work out and just simply get the body shape that you wish to have.


Step 7:

And now that you have your specific plan for your green diet, start the motivation, determination and patience. You are the one who chose what to do in these steps; therefore, you are really capable of doing these in your diet. Motivate yourself and set a certain time until when you are going to take this green diet plan. Also, set the amount of pounds that you should lose within that period. In other words, have a goal and make sure you achieve positive results. Switching to the green diet means that you want to live cleaner and healthier. You can enjoy all the health benefits that your own green diet can give you.



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