Design Tips

A bad looking blog is a bad blog plain and simple.No matter how good your content, if it's not packaged properly it wont be successful.But your blog does not only need to look good you need to be clever with the design.Making the most of the limited space we have on a blog is vital.Placing the right things in the right places can be a key to success.So apart from the obvious blog design decisions like picking the right template lets look at five tips i guarantee will help your blogs appearance and performance.

1. Content Is Above The Fold And Has Priority

Above the fold is a popular design term, in short above the fold is everything that can be seen (Without Scrolling) when someone lands on your blog.We are all lazy souls when browsing the Internet and if any web page does not immediately grab our attention we quickly move on.Make sure people can get an overview of your blog as soon as they land on any page, not all visitors land on the homepage so carry this theme throughout.The title should be clear but not too big that other content is pushed down.The latest post should start above the fold, using the read more feature will make more posts available on the homepage.Having Rss subscription options along with Google friend connect or newsletter sign up above the fold is also important.

2. Your Blog Should Be Easy To Navigate

It's all about options for the reader, the longer you can keep someone on your blog the more likely they are to return.Make sure to have at least one menu bar at the top of your blog.Your sidebar should also have lists of recent posts, also featured posts or random posts will show visitors some older posts from the archive they may be interested in.

3. Pages Load Quickly

We are back to being lazy while online and nothing gets people leaving your blog like slow page load times.Remember not everyone has fast broadband or up to date computers, in fact lots of people have dial up speed connections.See if you can trim the excess from your blog, if something is not vital to your blog then get rid of it.

4. Easy To Read Content

Of course you want the text to be large and the text color not to clash with the background color but there is more you can do.In this article and in every i write you will notice the use of headings in bold blue.Most people scan through your posts rather than reading every single word so breaking up the content into lots of paragraphs with headings will make it easier on the reader.The use of images throughout posts also helps keep people interested.

5. Stand Out From The Crowed

Most bloggers use free templates and themes and use the same gadgets in the sidebars so what can you do to stand out ? Making small changes to your template is not as hard as you think, just changing the background image or colors used can help your blog look unique.

So go Spice Up Your Blog's design and remember less is more !

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