Having the computer users design their mousepads or mousemats themselves is something that is becoming increasingly common. Why buy a mousepad that is generic and boring when you can design your own just the way that you like it?
Just the way that there are furniture and other computer accessories that’s designed just to fit your needs and wants, you can now also get an ergonomic mousepad. Want a mousepad wrist rest? You can have that added to your own designed mousepad as well.

Designing your own mousepad is a lot easier than it sounds and don’t worry, there are a lot of professional designers that can do the designing work for you if you don’t want to do it. You can just help them with picking out the right colours and designs for your mousepad and they will do the grunt work.

However, as the title promised, you can also design the mousepad entirely by yourself. Doing this is quite easy using computer software.

You can do this by creating something yourself or by finding a piece of photo or artwork that you like and saving it on your computer. You will need to make sure that the photo or artwork will fit on your mousepad, are they the same size? Otherwise you will need to make them the same to get optimal results.
Then you will need to print out the photo or artwork onto a transfer paper that you later can place over your mousepad. Then you can take an iron and simply apply pressure onto the transfer paper that is placed over your mousepad by using your iron. Do this for a long time but not for too long since it’s hot and there is some risk involved. Then it’s just a matter of leaving your mousepad to cool for a while.

It can be tricky and risky to do this if you haven’t done it before or if you’re not handy. It’s highly recommended to look for companies online that will do all the work for you. It’s much easier this way. Doing this comes at a very low price and the best thing is that you get to own a mousepad with the perfect design for you whether the design is pretty looking or just downright cool.

When picking out a design, choose carefully. You can also pick a design based on how the rest of your room, keyboard and computer look like. Make sure to pick a mousepad material that goes well with your computer mouse.
Materials that are good for mousepads are plastic, glass, aluminium, and high-tech fibers. Of course, you can also use other ones, some of them quite old such as fabric-surface mousepad type or the vinyl board cover type, although that one is very old and not recommended.
Ask the staff of the company and they can help you with getting a good mousepad that will both look nice but also work very well with your computer mouse. You can even get a new ergonomic computer mouse so that you will get maximum comfort when you are using your computer.

Whether you design it yourself or get someone else to do it for you, good luck!