In modern high tech motorcycles the electrical system including the motorcycle batteries may be the most important operating system. Not so many years ago the battery was asked to perform a few small functions such as operate lights and maybe a horn and that was about it.

Because the engine was started with a kick starter there was not much strain placed on the motorcycle battery. However today the electrical system is a key part of the drive system and must be able to crank huge powerful high compressionengines, operate lights, radios and a number of other functions.

You can easily destroy the Motorcycle batteries if you ignore or improperly perform any of the folowing steps.

Keep your battery charged.  Modern motorcycle batteries that are allowed to completely discharge may be ruined. You should at least charge your battery bi weekly when the bike is not in use. You would do much better to use a trickle charger or battery tender to charge the battery at least one hour daily if the bike is not used regularly.

If the bike will be in storage for a long period such as during the winter season you should make sure that the battery is not allowed to completely discharge. You can leave the battery iBattery Tender Junior 12V Battery ChargerCredit: Amazonn the bike or remove it and set it on a good surface such as a piece of wood and attach a trickle charger or battery tender to keep the battery charged.

Keep the battery posts coated with wheel bearing grease, chain lube or one of the special solutions made for this purpose. Do not let those connections become corroded.

Check the vent hose if you have one. Make sure the vent hose is not crimped or laying against a hot surface. The hose should hang one or two inches below the bikes frame for proper drainage and to make sure the drainage does not touch any parts of the bike.

Schumacher SEM-1562A 1.5 Amp Speed Charge MaintainerCredit: AmazonInstalling new motorcycle batteries. Make sure to purchase the proper battery. Pay atention to size and voltage. Do you need a 6v battery, 12v battery or 24v battery? A major mistake many bike owners make with a new motorcycle batteries  is to install them without fully charging them first. While most batteries are delivered with a partial charge you can cause great harm to the battery if you do not fully charge it before installing it. Follow these procedures.

If the new battery is not a sealed unit, fill it slowly with the proper battery electrolite. Allow the air to escape from the cells as you slowly fill it. Make sure it is topped off and let it set for abYUASA YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Motorcycle BatteryCredit: Amazonout 30 minutes before charging.

Charge the battery for 18 to 24 hours at the rate of one tenth the batteries rated amperage. A 1.5 amp charger works well for this process. Check the battery often during this charging cycle to make sure it does not overheat. The battery case should not get warm or hot to the touch. If it does disconnect the charger and allow it to cool.

Use only distilled water to top off the battery after charging if needed.

There you have it. Less than 8 steps to properly maintain your motorcycle batteries or by ignoring any of them you can destroy the battery. Maintaining the battery is actually a simple procedure and the added years of service and dependability will pay you back handsomely for your efforts.