How to Develop a Positive Outlook

Maintaining a positive outlook is not easy.  Day to day struggles can sap one’s energy and positive state of mind.  Here are a few simple tips that help you to hold on to a positive outlook on life.

1 Keep a journal of thankfulness.  Every day brings a new reason to be grateful.  Do you have a good measure of health?  Write that down.  Do you have at least one family member or friend who loves you?  Write that down?  Can you see the sunshine or feel a warm breeze on your face?  Write it down?  Did you enjoy your dinner last night?  There are many things to be grateful for.  When you take notice of them you enhance a joyful and positive frame of mind.

2 Remember how unique and special you are.  There is no one in the universe just like you.  You are special.  You have gifts, talents and unique perspective on life.  Why not make a list of all the attributes you like about yourself.  Do you make your coworkers laugh with funny stories or are you the go-to person in a crisis?  Do you have great organizational skills or are you more artistic or adventurous in nature?  Never allow yourself to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. Red roses and pink carnations are different from each other while being equally beautiful.  If you are a rose celebrate that and don’t yearn to be a carnation.  Variety truly is the spice of life.

3 Learn to laugh.  Taking yourself too seriously is an absolute no-no.  Remember that no one is perfect and expect that at times you will fail.  A failure can be earth shattering if you have a disproportionate view of self.  Humans are flawed creatures with varied strengths and weaknesses.  This is the nature of the human experience.  So learn to laugh about the times you fall short.  Failures can also be learning experiences for yourself and others.  So be generous in forgiving yourself and try to see the humor in these life lessons when you can.

4 Stay in the moment.  When you focus too much on past failures you can get lost in the past.  You miss out on the wonderful things that are happening in your life right now.  You can’t change poor decisions that you made long ago.  Now is what counts.  What better decisions will you now make?  Celebrate how you’ve grown.  Be glad that you have learned the lessons that make you who you are.  Know that growth is part of the human journey.  There will always be regrets from the past alongside present reasons for joy.  Choosing to focus on the past leads to feelings of powerlessness and depletes your energy.  Bring your energy to this moment.  Enjoy what is right here, right now and let go of the things that you are powerless to change.

Jealously guard your positive attitude the way you would a precious relationship.  Don’t let anyone or anything take it away.  Applying these simple tips can help you to develop and maintain the positive outlook that you deserve.