Patience is one attribute which will come in useful for life. But there are just some people who has trouble with having patience with anybody. It may seem to be due to too much work to do, so much so that we can become impatient naturally. Having said that does not mean we cannnot learn to be patient, especially when it is not in our nature. There are just some who are so patient that you wonder how did they do it, especially when it comes to handling kids. Even for parents, it takes a lot of patience to be able to teach and stay focus to work and grow with kids. 

Here are just two starters to work on developing this area of patience when taking care of children.

Remove Distractions and Do List. Get real. Sometimes you can only handle one thing at a time. Simply place all other items on the Do List on hold and do not worry about them. They can easily become distractions and draw the attention needed to focus on the task at hand. If you need to go through a book with your child, set them all aside, whether is it a newspaper or magazine you need to read, or an outstanding project you have been thinking about. Set those thoughts away so that you could focus on the kid. In terms of posture, there is a paradigm shift of the body. It is like moving from a standing position (where you are faced with many adult activities to do and complete) and then stooping down to the level of the child. Somehow you will notice that the dark clouds of activities you need to do are hovering above. Then look at the child before you and start your work with him or her.

Focus on the kid. Once again, it is easily said than done. When trying to give attention to the needs of the child, we can still be distracted by our outstanding things. How do you know? When you begin to be easily agitated and easily angered. These are signs of losing focus and wanting to quit. Observe the child. Let us say, you need to read to the child. Put in all your bodily resources like eye contact, body posture to pay attention to read and help the child to read and enjoy the storybook being read. Kids are pretty smart to know that you are distracted and they will openly speak to you. So do your best to stay focus on the kid. As you practice more, you will soon realise that patience or even any other character development takes hard work.

At the end you will know that the entire process and hard work put in were all worth it.