After years of being loyal with you and your family, maybe it is about time to get rid of your used PC. Perhaps you could purchase a newer model, or just settle down with the other unit that you already have bought. However, a used PC is not like a used paper that you can just throw in the trash. It must go through proper and environmentally-abiding processes, or else you might even face serious charges against you. So, what are your choices for how you'd like to finally let go of your beloved used PC?

1. Sell it for second hand purchase. A lot of people all over the world are very much interested in buying a used PC, because it is essentially more affordable than brand new ones. If you'd like to make even just a small amount of money out of your used PC, then this will be a perfect way for you. Just prepare your computer for being on sale. Check all its specifications and its over-all condition, evaluate and list down everything that you think a buyer should know about. If you want, you can even do a few enhancements to increase your unit's viability.

2. Next step would be to find advertising means. The easiest and cheapest way for this is to go online and post your selling information. You can even choose to go to various and multiple websites such as eBay, Amazon, Multiply, and even your personal social networks such as Multiply, Tumblr, Facebook and MySpace. Or, if you do not want to make your used PC available for long-distance and overseas buyers, you can just do the conventional advertising ways. You can have your ad printed in the local paper, your can post posters in your neighborhood, or you can ask for friends to help you find a buyer.

3. Donate. If you think that your computer have done all its duties well enough for you and your family, then perhaps you can let it go without further adieus. There are a lot of charities and foundations that collect used computer units for fund raising. You can choose from all sorts of advocacies – children, elderly, victims, nature, rehabilitation, private groups. If you want to dispose your used PC and be able to help others at the very same time, then why not just give it up for free?