Do you have fat rolls? You know those stubborn pockets of fat that love to show under your clothes? Then here are a few tips to help you disguise those fat rolls, and look up to ten pounds slimmer instantly!

We all know that we are suppose to eat healthy and stay active. But while we are doing that, how can we disguise these fat rolls, so that they don't show under your favorite clothes?

Hiding Fat Rolls


First of all, don't starve yourself, this doesn't work, or any of those very restrictive diets, they don't work either. What is the point in starving yourself to fit into that little black dress, only to faint later and fell horrible? Plus most of the time, those fat rolls are the last to leave!

So, whether you have back fat rolls, or bulges that appear under your bra or at your underwear line, you just need to get creative with your clothes and you will smooth out those bulges, stand taller, and look and feel up to ten pounds thinner right away.

The first rule:

1. Don't wear clothes a size to small, just so you can say you squeezed into a size "12" for example. Just because you were able to squeeze into this size, does not make it look good. It can actually have the opposite effect. You will look bigger and any fat rolls you had are definitely going to show their ugly selves if you where your clothes too tight.


Buy Decent Undergarments

That is great that you are close to fitting in this size, but if you had to squeeze in, the clothing is not going to hold in those fat rolls, gravity will have them popping out somewhere else that you don't want. So, start by finding clothes that fit you and run over your body smoothly. You don't want to be drawing attention to any of your rolls, or bulges. Which is exactly what happens when you wear your clothes too tight. They will pop out somewhere.

2. Buy decent undergarments. The same rule applies here as for rule number one. Don't buy underwear that is too tight, this doesn't hide any fat bulges or rolls this way. The elastic areas are going to dig in, if too small, and accent those fat rolls and fatty bulges.

The only undergarments or lingerie that will do this job, are those body shapers.

They are designed to smooth out your body and yet are totally comfortable. But even they should be bought in the right size for you. But this is a great way to hide slight fat rolls and bulges. If you purchased the right size dress, and you notice slight bulges at your underwear line or bra line, then consider investing in a body shaper.

Most lingerie stores will have qualified assistants, that can help you find and fit into a perfect sized body shaper for you.

These are not those nasty girdles from Grandma's day, these are very modern fabrics that are designed to hug you in all the right places, and smooth out those fat rolls and bulges, and yet are not hot and let you breath. They are usually the bra and panties all in one, this gets rid of any lumps and bumps that might show under that new dress you bought.

If these body shapers are purchased in the right size and fit you like a glove, then you will smooth out your outfits, and look ten pounds slimmer. Just by smoothing out those bulges.

Notice I said "smoothing out" this doesn't get rid of them, but does give that new dress a smooth look.

So, if you have a few fat rolls, fat bulges, or just some lumpy areas, then consider a body shaper.

3. Find styles of clothes that suit your size, height and body shape. If you have a large middle, then a higher waist, like the new styles that are out now, may look good on you, as it hugs you just above your waistline.

If you have larger hips, then don't go for those tight ankle jeans or pants. This will just accentuate your hips. Find smooth lined pants that fall from the hip to the ankles, like the wider pant legs. Make sure they fit well in the bottom, if they are too tight you will see bulges and fat rolls at the underwear line. When trying on pants, make sure to be wearing the undergarments you would normally wear and see how they look.

If you follow the three rules above, then you will look your best. If you can't afford the body shapers right now, at least get your underwear in the size to fit you and not dig in. Digging in at the waistbands and bra bands are what accentuates fat rolls and bulges. If they were just little bulges before, they will now look ten times worse, if you have elastic digging in. So, go for the smoother looking right sized under garments, and wear clothes that glide over your body and don't hug the rolls, even if it means going up a size or so.

Who cares what the size tag says? There are so many different manufacturers now, that really your size is just a guide when you go shopping. You may find you need bigger or smaller, but it is a starting point. You will find that you will actually look slimmer in a larger size outfit that glides over your body smoothly, than in a smaller one that hugs all the wrong curves and make you feel uncomfortable and nothing looks worse than a woman tugging at her clothes all the time. You have to feel good in order to look good. If you get the right size, you will be able to move around without things shifting and cramping your style..

If you can afford the body shaper, then go and get fitted, this may be the best investment yet. Even super fit and slim people will have bulges somewhere they try and hide, we are not perfect. So, get the right size, and minimize rather than try and hide those rolls and you will look ten pounds lighter instantly!