Personally I hate doing bike maintenance. I'd rather spend my days riding in the sun. Definitely NOT wrenching on a dirty greasy bike. However keeping my bike in good running condition makes those days in the saddle SO MUCH better. In this guild I'll show you some of the common maintenance tasks you should preform to keep your bike riding smoothly. The things that I will show you are all easy to do and don't require special skills or tools.

Things You Will Need

    • A Rag
      Bike Chain Oil
      An Old Scrub Brush
      Baking Soda
      A Bucket

  • Step 1

    First Lets tackle the chain. If you don't regularly take care of your chain you will be surprised how smoothly it will run once cleaned and oiled. So grab your chain oil and your rag.

    Step 2

    Before oiling the chain we need to remove all the crud. Wrap your rag around the chain and turn the peadels backward while firmly holding on to the rag. Wiping the chain off this way will get the rag very dirty so periodically change the spot of the rag that you use. You should aim to wipe off the top, bottom, left, and right side of the chain but don't worry if you don't get it sparkling clean.

    Step 3

    Once all the major crud has been removed it's time to apply the oil. While turning the pedals backward slowly drip the oil onto the chain. Once the entire chain has been oiled let it seep into the cracks for 10 min.

    Step 4

    After 10 min wipe all the excess oil off the chain using a clean section of the rag.

    Step 5

    Your bike will ride a lot better now that the chain has been shown a bit of care. Next up is cleaning the rims for better breaking! Get your bucket, scrub brush, and baking soda!

    Step 6

    The best way to to clean rims is to do it with the bike on its side. I balance mine on some cat litter buckets. Use what ever you have laying around the house.

    Step 7

    Fill your bucket up with warm water and sprinkle some baking soda into it. I'd shoot for 2 tablespoons worth. You don't have to be exact. If you dip your fingers in the water and they come out feeling 'slick' then you've got enough baking soda in there.

    Step 8

    With your brush scrub the dirt off your rims rotating the wheels as you go. Scrub the front and back tire on one side of the bike before flipping your bike over to scrub the other side.

    Step 9

    Once you have scrubbed your rims down they should be looking pretty clean. Next you need to rinse them off. So dump out your bucket and get some clean hot water.

    Step 10

    Slowly spin the wheel while slowly pouring the water onto the rims. You don't want to spin or pour fast because the water will splash everywhere and make a mess.

    Step 11

    Once one side has been rinsed flip the bike and repeat.

    Step 12

    When you are done stand the bike upright; give it a bounce or two shake off excess water; and let it dry.

    Once dry your bike will ride much better and when you do ride your smile will be much bigger :-D

    Tips & Warnings