7 Tips for Evening Makeup

Evening Makeup is always different than day makeup, it’s always more dramatic. You don’t need to buy any extra makeup for the evening, you probably already have it. Usually evening makeup is a bit heavier than day makeup. Below are some tips to help you with your evening makeup.
1. Black Eyeliner
Black eyeliner is important especially in the evening because it stands out and emphasizes your eyes. Black eyeliner is essential when you want that dramatic smokey eye. All you do is put a little more eyeliner than usual and smudge the line with a brush or sponge applicator. Adding charcoal or black eye shadow powder on the eyeliner, this will darken and emphasis the line more, plus it will help the eyeliner stay on longer especially if your sweating from dancing or just a long night.
  • Metallic Eyeliner is another option. Metallic eyeliner has been a trend for evening makeup for a few years now. It’s dramatic and perfect for the evening. Just make sure you use Blackest Black mascara with it.
2. Red Lips
Red lips are a classic! Add a bit of shine on them, not too much and you will have perfect lips. If you are gonna wear red lips during the day, go with a matte red. Always use a red lip pencil so you can outline your lips and make them look perfect. Red lips also makes your teeth whiter and your smile stands out. Make sure you kiss a tissue to take any extra lipstick off so it doesn’t get on your teeth, and this helps the lipstick to stay on longer too.
3. Jewel-Toned Eyeshadow
These are so popular these days, and they come in many beautiful colors from metallic golds, turquoise, purple, blue , etc. These are perfect for the evening with black eyeliner and mascara.
 4. White Eye shadow
Add some white eye shadow to your eyelid before the crease and emphasize in the middle, then add you’re your other color. The white eye shadow makes your eyes pop and the other eye shadow to standout. You can also use an off-white shadow as well. Many people like to use white sparkly shadow on the outline of the inner eye closest to your nose. Just be careful with too much sparkle or glitter. It often doesn’t photo well.
5. False Eyelashes
False eyelashes are perfect for the evening. It pulls everything together and makes your eyes standout. If your fortunate to have long eyelashes then just add Black Mascara but apply it a bit heavier than you would during the day. Many people will apply mascara after they put on the fake eyelashes to make the eyelashes even more dramatic.
6. Glitter
Glitter looks great and is noticeable but be careful not to use too much. Your safer to use it as a highlighter for your eyes.
7. Pink
Light pink lipstick or lip gloss is hot right now and looks good with almost all colors especially with a smokey eye. Use very light pink, and add a bit of shine to it.
Here’s some extra tips
1.    When using concealer, be careful not to use too much under the eyes or you will look like you have white circles under the eye. This is especially noticeable in pictures.
2.   You know you have too much makeup on if you have a tan line between your face and neck. Always blend and add a little foundation at a time.
3.   Always blend your eye shadow, eyeliner and foundation. There should never be any lines of demarcation.

Evening makeup

7 tips for evening makeup