How To Create Time Lapse Video Using Mobile

Time Lapse Video Production With Your Mobile

How To Create Time Lapse Video Using Mobile

There are many techniques available today, to produce a time lapse video. Here i will explain how to do it yourself using simple methods.

Today everyone have a smart phone medium and hight end mobile gadgets, so we can make use of it to produce professional looking time lapse video. So mobile camera is our tool to make  time lapse video[1].

The Preparation

  1. First of all you need to have a smart phone or mobile tablet with camera option have minimum 5 mega pixel pixel density .
  2. If you have iPhone or any android high end phone you can find any time-lapse software used to capture time lapse photos.
  3. If you are using android phones, there is a great application you can use that is Lapse It Pro. Lapse it pro provides professional features to get a better time lapse video.
  4. Set the interval to capture nearly 12 sec, i.e. in 12 sec interval the phone camera will capture a single photo.

How To Do It

  1. Place your mobile in a place which have a better view of your subject
  2. To keep the mobile camera shake free you can use a tripod modified for mobiles.
  3. Start the lapse it application and keep the capture button on at least one and half hours to get a better nice video.
  4. After capture it’s time to render and make it a great HD video.
  5. You may use the in built render option to produce a great HD time lapse video.
  6. Alternatively you can use some video editing application available to combine the photos you took using the application.
  7. Render it with 24frames per sec (24p)to get a nice video feel and it’s better to render in Mp4 so that you can get maximum compression at great quality.

The resulting is your first time lapse video. you can experiment with different time intervels and frame rates to get a better result of your own. So try this and do it yourself. Post responses and comments contact me if you need any help to start with lets the camera rolling.

I will come up with another great article to help you achieve great success in your free time, and make use of your free time wisely.

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