If you aren't careful, homework can be a looming force that's constantly coming out of nowhere to surprise you and ruin your day. There's nothing worse than thinking that you have a free schedule to hangout and have a good time, then realizing you have a random paper due first thing tomorrow that you've yet to complete. School work can be an extremely difficult thing to keep track of, and it's important that you remember it. The best way to help your grade in school is to simply do all of your work, but even one zero on a homework assignment that you forgot about can be crucial to your overall score.
The first step to doing your homework on time is to document the fact that you have homework. Write the assignment down on a piece of notebook paper, on the weekly calendar inside of a planner, or on the back of your hand. By having your homework assignment written down, you will be much more likely to do it on time. The reminder will constantly be with you so you will not forget about the assignment, thus resulting in a zero for the class.

After you've written down your homework assignment, gauge how long you have from now until the assignment is due. Also try to accurately measure how long the assignment will take you to do. If it's a lengthy report you have to do extensive research for and you only have a week left, it'd be best to start as soon as possible. If it's a one page paper and it's due in two weeks, it's safe for you to wait a little while longer before you start panicking to get it done (though it'd probably be a wise choice to just get it out of the way).

If your homework is studying for a test, the best way to go about this is to study an hour before you go to bed every night for a couple of weeks until the night of the test. There's nothing worse than overworking yourself the night before a test. For more help with how to perfect the homework of studying for an exam, you can read my article "Simple Steps To Get A Plus Grade in Your Exam", which explains how to make a perfect score on your tests.

The best advice I have to give concerning homework of the essay variety, is to simply knock it out as fast as possible. There's nothing more satisfying than finishing a paper way before it's due, stuffing it into your folder and forgetting about it until the day it's due. The last second race to finish a paper before it is due is always a terrible experience that can never be rewarding. It usually results in all night marathons of work that only leave you exhausted (and usually having a bad grade on the paper). Get done early, then just relax.

Sometimes the planets align and every class that you have has a big assignment due the same week. The best method I've discovered for doing all of your homework on time from each of your classes, is to make a checklist and hang it up in your bedroom. This will constantly remind you of what to do, and nothing feels more gratifying than checking off something you had to do and watching the list shrink until there's nothing left. The checklist can be a very helpful tool to help you finish all of your work on time during those extremely hectic weeks.
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All of these simple suggestions should help you learn how to do your homework on time. By doing all of your homework, you are one step closer to better grades in your classes. I hope you've learned some very beneficial advice and put some of it into practice. You will be satisfied with how much stress is relieved when you keep track and do all of your homework on time.