How to Do a Muscle Up

Learn to do a muscle up FAST!

Every guy at the gym can't help but to stare at the guy doing muscle ups because it's amusing. Not to mention catching the attention of women who are near by. Everyone will want to learn how to do muscle up's but where do you start? Well, muscle ups aren't something that just looks "cool", it's also a great workout in extension to the pull up.

Most will tell you that muscle ups are all technique. It's not. Its 95% strength and 5% technique. If you don't have the physical ability to shoot yourself up, you will not be able to do a muscle up - no matter how much technique you have. You'll have to condition your body OVER and OVER again to be able to do the muscle up.

Here are some tips that'll have you doing muscle ups in 3 weeks. Complete this routine within the next 3 weeks as many times as possible and you'll be able to do at least one muscle up. It's basically two exercises put into one. The pull up and dip.

Muscle up routine:

Pull up (body weight) x10

Pull up (level 1 weight)x6

Pull up (level 2 weight)x3


Dips (x10)

Dips (x10)

Dips (x10)


Pull up (level 2 weight) x until failure

Pull up (level 1 weight) x until failure

Pull up (body weight) x until failure


Dips x until failure

The level of weight you'd like to strap on to your body is entirely up to you. Some may use 10 lbs. for level 1 and 25 lbs for level 2. It doesn't matter how much in weight you do, as long as you are pushing yourself to the limit. Of course the more weight you strap on, you strong you get...getting closer to the goal of doing a muscle up. Either strapping on weight or wearing a weighted vest both work well. Doing dips with weights will also help, but not necessary since the focus on pull ups should be the main focus.

Doing pull ups and dips till failure is VERY important. Do them till you can do no more! You have to push yourself to the max every time. This makes a big difference in strength not only physically but mentally every time you go through this routine. Don't worry about the 5% technique, you'll know when your body is ready to do the muscle up.