Regardless of how much traffic your blog gets most bloggers would love to increase there traffic. If you have a blog that is receiving a thousand page views a month and could easily double the amount of traffic for the next month why wouldn't you. If you run Google Adsense ads on your blog you could double the amount of money you make for the month.

The easy and simple techniques I list here are able to be used by an blogger regardless of there blogs topic or niche. As long as you keep working these techniques daily you will increase and at least double the amount of traffic your blog gets.


The best thing you can do to increase the amount of traffic your blogs gets is by posting new content. Try to post quality, informational, and amusing blog posts that will keep the readers attention. If you have quality posts that the readers find interesting they will bookmark your blog or subscribe to your RSS feed.

Blog TrafficSome people say that you should not post more than once a day on your blog. I disagree. As long as you are posting quality content then you can post as often as you want too. The more quality content you post the more visitors you will receive from Google searches and Google Blog searches.

Try and make your blog posts at least 400 words long but the longer the better. Strive for 750-1,000 words per post. This will give your blog post more words which can result in more traffic from Google searches.

For the next month post at least one article per day on your blog.


As soon as you post your content to your blog check it for accuracy and misspelled words. After you are satisfied with your newly posted content then go to Pin-O-Matic and submit your new article. Make sure you post the new static URL of the post you just made and not your index page. and Twitter

Start a Twitter account if you do not already have one and then sign up for a free account at

Connect your account to your Twitter account. Every time you make a new blog entry go to to shorten the URL and then post it to your Twitter account. You can post to Twitter directly from Twitter. Add the article title and to your Twitter post.

Even if you have 0 followers you will get a few hits to your new blog post. Every few hits count so even if you do not have any follower son Twitter keep posting away. By using you can track the number of clicks to your article.


You can post all of your links on FaceBook via the website. You can share all of your new blog posts on your FaceBook "Wall" and then all of your friend, family, and visitors can see your new article and some will click on the link to take them to your new blog post. If you have a lot of followers you can get huge amounts of traffic. If your like me and only have a few friends then you will only get a few hits. Again, every few hits adds up over a period of 30 days.

Yahoo Answers

You can sign up for Yahoo Answers for free with your Yahoo ID. If you have never used Yahoo Answers it is a lot of fun. You can ask questions and people will answer your questions. You can also answer other peoples questions. After a certain period of time everybody votes on the best answer. When you give an answer you can post your information source (I Use the link). If you have wrote an blog post about a new Harley Davidson Sportster and then you search for a new question on Yahoo answers where they ask if the Harley Davidson Sportster is for them you can answer there question and post a link to your article. You will get traffic this way.

Do not spam your links but provide them when they are applicable. You can search Yahoo Answers to find new questions and then feel free to answer and post a link to your blog post that is applicable to the question asks even if it is an older post.

Forum Signatures

If you have a blog about motorcycles then sign up for a few active motorcycle forums that allow you to add a "signature" to your posts. You can put your forum sig as an anchor to your blog. Every time you post your blog sig will be visible. You will get much traffic this way. If your blog is about motorcycles and you are posting on a forum about motorcycles you will get a lot of targeted traffic.

Do not spam the forums but be an active, engaged member.


When a person leaves a comment either thank them for leaving the comment and or answer any questions or concerns they may have raise. Many people will return to the same blog post multiple times if there is an active and interesting commenting going on.

Comments On Other Blogs
Leave comments on other blogs along with your URL to your blog if it is allowed.

Double Your Blog Traffic

If you write new content each day and follow all of these steps you will gain a lot more traffic. Write new content everyday for the next month and follow all of the steps above and you may be shocked at the increase your little old blog gets. If you are only getting 500 page views a month you could easily triple or quadruple the number of page views you receive next month.

There are many ways to boost your blog traffic but if you post a lot of quality content and consistently you will also have a better chance of having visitors return. If you have a base of regular readers that read your blog posts on a regular basis then it will be easier too increase your page views as these readers will always long as you continue posting quality content on a regular basis. Image Credit: (Flickr/smokingpermitted)