European Fashion
Credit: Francesca Guadagini via Flickr

Europeans are known to be fashion icons due to their trendy and classy styles. Whether they are out for a simple walk or attending galas, they are sure to dress to impress every time. If you are travelling to Europe or thinking of incorporating the European dress style into your life, here are a few tips on how to dress European.

Clean and Simple

Fashion styles from Europe are easily recognizable due to their clean and simple cuts. From dresses to suits, Europeans love having geometric shapes in their look. If you want to copy their style, buy items that are simple in shape, and have clean and elegant lines

Fit. Fit. Fit.

Compared to Americans who wear clothes that are either too tight or too loose, Europeans tend to wear clothes that perfectly fit their bodies.It is common for Europeans to get their outfits tailored if they don't feel like it fits right.

Skinny Jeans

 Even Europeans dress down from time to time with skinny or slim jeans. These jeans are a must in any European wardrobe. Most people own dark jeans with or without a wash, but some go for bright and vibrant colours like red and yellow. Pair it up with loose tops and flats, you will be looking great in no time.

Shoe Statement

Europeans mange to have an impressive shoe collection. Most only use high heels. If you are struggling with a pair heels, wedges can be great too, since they offer more surface.

Another must-have in your Europe style shoe collection is a pair of leather boots. Whether you go for those pretty ankle boots or tall leather ones, you better have at least a pair to complete your European look.

Lastly, for those warm summer days, let your feet have a break with some lightweight shoes. Flats and leather sandals are the popular options to wear in Europe. What’s important is that you are comfortable, yet show off your very sexy and stylish footwear.


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 Effortless Hairdo

The ladies have a wonderful ability to make their hair look effortlessly great and natural. It seems like European women don't fuss too much on their hair but they still end up looking fabulous. Ponytails and messy buns are definitely popular with women from Europe.

Europe Hairdo
Credit: Mohmmadali F. via Flickr

A scarf is a must

Scarves are definitely a signature European accessory, and a great way to complement any outfit. You should wear scarves that are made from wool to give you warmth during winter or wear those that are made from lightweight materials like silk during summer. Either way, you can definitely use this accessory any day of the year.


Other Accessories

Europeans always wear the coolest glasses, and the more popular ones are the thick frames with large lenses. Bags are also an important part of your daily European ensemble. Totes and messenger are the most commonly used ones in Europe.  


Change your style now!

These are just a few of the things you have to remember when dressing up like Europeans. A good outfit will never be great without the confidence and attitude to carry it well, whether you are European or not.