Does this strike any chords: "Next year I'm going to learn how to dress up like a celebrity on Halloween and really make some heads spin..." If it doesn't, it should. Because the tried-and-true cliche Halloween costumes are, well, boring. Actually, they're worse than boring: They're lame. And they're lame because they've been overdone, overused and - if I do say so myself - over hyped.

You don't want to be a part of the crowd come October 31, do you? No way! You want to stand out. Guess what? That starts with accepting that the usual costume suspects (cops, prisoners, devils, scary movie slasher guys, etc...) aren't going to turn any heads. Now I'm not saying that you lovely ladies don't look sexy and scandalous in your skimpy mermaid costumes and that you out-of-shape guys don't look, well, NOT sexy and scandalous in your Tinkerbell costumes; but what I am saying is that these "been there, done that" costumes are only a two on a scale of one to ten.

... And my friends, we're going to take you to eleven!

Dress Up Like A Celebrity For Halloween And Dominate Any Costume Party

Why dress up like a celebrity? For starters, nobody does it. And those that do, let's just say they don't do it so well. That means the entire niche is ripe for your opportunistic fanny to get in there and lay a smack down on all those wannabe dresser-uppers.

So what constitutes a celebrity costume? I'm glad you asked. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to dress the same way an A-list celebrity would when he or she is simply walking down the street. Not to be confused with dressing like a character that this celebrity plays on TV or in the Movies.

For instance: If you grow your hair shaggy, walk like your knees don't work properly and say "whoa" all the time, congratulations, you're Keanu Reeves. If you wear a tight leather suit, some modder glasses and practice Kung Fu, you are his character Neo from The Matrix Trilogy - no congratulations there, you missed the point.

Here's the good news: It doesn't cost hardly anything to dress up like a celebrity. On the other hand, it can cost a fortune to dress up like a character. Imagine how much that Neo suit costs, I bet it's in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I don't know about you, but I'm not motivated to drop that kind of money to win some $15 bar prizes or a flashy Red Robbin gift certificate. The cheaper the better, that's my motto.

Here are just a few ways to dress up like a celebrity this Halloween:

Lady Gaga: Spend 12 bucks on some spoiled roast beef, tie it together with fishing line and you're set. (Hint: Do not walk through the pound with this costume on).

Cher and/or Madonna: See "Lady Gaga" above, but minus the meat.

Matthew McConaughey: Take off your shirt and walk around. This might be the cheapest costume ever!

Christian Bale: Just randomly start screaming at anybody near a light switch for "wrecking your scene." Later, start a shoving match with your sister and mother.

George W. Bush: Look really confused. (Hint: watch something on the Lifetime Channel, it's guaranteed to confuse anybody).

Paris Hilton: Show off some cleavage and pout your lips. An undeserving look of content is a nice bonus

I could go on all day here folks. But the point is that if you're willing to think outside of your normal "mode of thinking," you can actually look just like a celebrity without spending an ungodly amount of money at a costume shop or Halloween specialty store.

So go out there, get your imaginations cracking and be the best darn dresser-uppers you can be! Shouldn't be hard, now that you know how to dress up like a celebrity on Halloween.