We've all gone through it. You're at a holiday party and you tell yourself that you're not drinking and then suddenly you are singing karaoke with your manager and the guy from the mail room. If you find yourself telling this story all to offer, then here is a list of ideas that could help you avoid the dangers of driving under the influence after a holiday event.

Be Prepared! Identifying and coordinating a ride home in advance with a designated driver can help take the stress off of any last-minute decisions you may face during a holiday gathering. If that doesn't work and everyone you know seems to be drinking, you can split the cost of a cab between a couple friends/coworkers. There are cases where limousines who are done early for the evening will hang out at a local bar or establishment to see if they can drum up any business.

Faking the Funk! So you want to have a beer but you don't want the problems that alcohol will bring? No problem, have a non-alcoholic beer (e.g., O'Doul's) or get a virgin mixed drink with those really cute miniature tropical umbrellas. If I don't feel like drinking, I've found myself holding onto a discarded beer bottle just to give the impression that I'm drinking - don't drink the contents, of course. This particular tecnique helps ward off very common peer- pressure that occurs when everyone else has their hands on a drink except you.

Just say no! This is probably, by far, the simplest thing to do but the most difficult especially if you're the type to succumb to peer pressure so easily early into that particular holiday celebration. Have courage, you'll be respected more when you can control your urge to stave off your thirst to drink when there are certainly many others who can't. So don't worry if turn down a few people or even your manager - you'll have many other opportunities to have a drink with them in the future - being sober that evening may be the best way to go.

In summary, you can ride with a friend, in a cab, or in a limo. You can also get away with pretending that you are drinking or have that non-alcoholic drink. Otherwise, just saying no may be the simplest, but certainly not the easiest, thing to do. Either way, keep these few tips in mind and you'll be on your way to enjoying your evenings while being safe at the same time. Cheers!