Starting a blog is easy in my opinion, the hard part is driving traffic to it, it takes time, patience and perseverance with a lot of trial and error to be able to build a thriving audience for your blog. In this article I’m going name a few of the popular fail proof traffic generation methods that I know work time and time again for both new and old blogs.

Guest Posting

As you’re new to the blogging scene and you don’t have much credibility on the Internet you need build up your credibility and at the same time drive some traffic over to your blog. Guest posting is the art of posting on other established blogs within your niche in an attempt to drive traffic over to your own blog, get yourself known to current readers of that topic and work on your websites SEO. In every aspect guest posting is a win, win tactic to get yourself off the ground and it’s always my first move for launching a blog.

Social Media

I start every blog by starting social media accounts with the popular sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as placing some share buttons on my blog to encourage people to share the content. It’s quick, easy, free and most importantly it’s a great method for driving traffic and getting yourself known on the Internet. I get at least 50% of my traffic through referrals and shares on social media. Having social media accounts linked to your blog can also help you to build an audience around your blog who have an interest in the subject that you blog about so make sure you are actively trying to convert visitors into readers by encouraging your visitors to follow you on social media and to subscribe to your blog.


One of my favorite methods of driving traffic to a new blog is to run a competition. Running a giveaway is sure way to build a quick audience, ask people to subscribe to your email list to enter the competition, this way you have every chance of bringing those people back in the future when you publish new posts and it will also help jump start your traffic by luring them in at the chance of winning something. 

Blog Commenting

The last method that I use is blog commenting, although you have to do this strategically. I always to try to be one of the first people to comment on a new post, not only does that get you recognized by the author of that blog, it will help drive traffic, build on your websites SEO and get you known to readers of other blogs. Make it consistent, target lots of blogs within your niche no matter how big the audience is and try to add value, don’t add one word comments, write a comment that will help add value to the article written so you also get recognition for your expertise.

So once you have successfully started your blog try some of these great traffic generation methods and start to drive traffic to your blog, if you get it right you could have a thriving audience on your hands in no time at all and you could be even making money from it.