dried lavender

Nothing is as calming as lavender, it has been used for centuries as a sleeping aid tucked into pillows, and thrown into warm baths. You can make many crafts out of dried lavender and did you know that it is a natural moth deterrent?

If you would like to dry your own lavender, and you have a few plants in your garden, then here is simple way to dry lavender. Pick you lavender mid morning, or after the morning dew is gone.

Pick you lavender with long stalks, which makes it easier for hanging. Then bunch a few lavender stalks together and wrap a rubber band around the stalks, as they will shrink while drying and the rubber band helps to keep things together.

Then hang upside down from a rafter or curtain rail, in your garage or basement, or somewhere dry but out of the direct sunlight. This process usually takes a week or so, but can take up to four weeks depending on your humidity level of your area or your home.

You will know that you have dried lavender when you touch it and it feels dry and almost brittle.

Just a side note: Make sure and lay newspaper out below where you are hanging your lavender to dry, this will catch more lavender as it sometimes will fall off while drying. If you can leave it undisturbed for the weeks it is drying the better. I found it to be good and dry in 10 days.

Then take down your dried lavender and remove the rubber band and use the lavender buds for all kinds of uses. My favorite one is the dried lavender sachet. These are great to add to a drawer for a beautiful aroma every time you open the drawer, or hang in a closet to freshen the air. But the best one, is to create a dried lavender sachet in your pillow case at night. It will help you relax and drift off to sleep.

Here is how to make a dried lavender sachet.

Purchase pre-made organza or muslin draw string bags from the craft store or online, or make your own!

Depending on how big your sachets are, you can add a tablespoon or two of dried lavender to the bag and then pull the drawstring closed.

That is all there is to it. These little dried lavender sachets make great gifts. You can spend a bit more time on the muslin bag if it is for a gift, by embroidering it.

You can replace the dried lavender as needed.

Another great idea, is to take your dried lavender bundles and instead of pulling them apart, just put the lavender bundles into a small vase, and put in your bedroom, or bathroom for a relaxing feel and great aroma!.

If you have dried lavender in large quantities, then make sure to store it in a airtight zip lock bag out of direct sunlight or humidity. Don't store it in your bathroom for example. You should be able to keep it for a while this way, and replenish your dried lavender sachets!