We, girls, go through life experiencing pain – during monthly cycles and child birth. Let us also not forget about the pain we experience when weaning. Does it always have to be like this? If we can't avoid the pain during periods and child birth, why don't we think of something to somehow ease this pain? In this article, you will learn how to dry up breast milk without the pain.

I know that weaning is painful for mommies so let this article give you tips on how to avoid that.

Weaning itself is already a heartbreaking process for the mothers. It is because her bonding time with her baby is lessened. For this, she should learn to let go of her baby and let her move to a new phase in her life – eating solid foods. The problem is that aside from separation, mommies feel pain from breast engorgement caused by weaning. How do we avoid that? Simple. Here are tips you can follow.

  • Slowly stop breastfeeding. To do this, you will have to replace your feeding times with amusing activities or introduce something new to your baby. Or if you want, you can replace your feeding time with formula milk in a feeding bottle or sippy cups. As you slowly wean, your body will produce less milk until the production is stopped.
  • A breast filled with milk is usually the cause of engorgement. This is the body's way of saying that there is too much milk. To avoid engorgement, you should pump just enough milk so your breasts don't feel full. Since sufficient milk is still in your breast, production is slowed down.
  • Over-the-counter medicines such as ibuprofen are helpful in easing the pain during weaning.
  • Always check your breasts for lumps or blocked ducts. If there are any, immediately schedule for check-up to consult your doctor.
  • Continue weaning if you have decided on it. Do not breastfeed your child just to remove the pain. If you breastfeed your baby again, you will have to go back to your first step in weaning and all effort will be lost. Milk production will fast-pace too.
  • Stop breastfeeding abruptly only when you need it. Example for this is when a mother has a serious medical condition. Only stop when it is worth it as this will only bring distress for you and disappointment for your baby.
  • Binding of breasts will not help you. That's just urban legend ladies. Instead of stopping milk production, it will only cause you more pain.
  • Hot shower, heating pad, or anything that has to do with heat won't do you any good either so stay away from any of them.

How to dry up breast milk is manageable, isn't it? The important thing is that you discipline yourself. If you are decided in weaning, then push through with it. Be firm but gentle to your child. If you give in to his or her whim then you efforts will be futile. There is so much to learn about this. For more information, just browse sites that specialize in weaning and how to dry up breast milk. Good luck!