For any marketer, musician and film maker, finding cheap CD duplication shops is one way to save on costs. With today's information age, it's important to be able to get your message across as fast as possible, without sacrificing quality. There are a lot of companies out there that offer cheap CD duplication at various prices and with different inclusions in their packages. 

Quality is a topmost priority when choosing a company that offers CD replication services. Before agreeing to have your material duplicated 5,000 times in a CD or DVD, make sure they use no less than the most up to date equipment for a perfect CD burn. The last thing you want to happen is for your disc to start skipping at the highlight of your sales pitch or the climax of your film. 

There is a common trade-off between quantity, quality and speed of delivery that you can't control. In other words, you can't have it all. If you're looking to have 5,000 CDs replicated at a tight deadline at a relatively cheap price, you shouldn't be surprised to notice a few glitches or a lower quality than you'd normally expect. Moreover, there are companies whose competitive edge is replicating discs at smaller quantities, but with excellent quality. You, as a marketer, musician or film maker, have to make that important choice according to what fits your standards and budget.

Aside from cheap CD duplication, some companies price their replication services depending on the quality of the printing you require on the CDs themselves, and the kind of CD jackets they come in, if you choose to have those customized as well. Typical cheap CD jackets without any printing on them are usually cheap and the additional cost for these aren't significant enough to affect your budget. 

However, if you're having your own branding printed on the cover and the CD for ultra customization, it's best to plan for a printing budget this large because full color printing can be a bit costly, especially if you're printing on more than 2 panels per CD or with special requirements as to the size and type of paper.

An even better tip for those who need to have their DVD or CDs duplicated at cheap rates is to choose a CD replicating company that specializes in one specific field. This is common practice among musicians who need to have their albums replicated rapidly and in extra large volumes. Most musicians opt to have their CD replicated at a company that caters solely to those in the music industry. As a field in which they specialize, they will usually have the equipment that duplicated music CDs that are of optimal quality and are at par with the industry. 

For added value, you can also request to have an account executive with that CD duplicating company to transact with you to make sure that your needs are met each time you have large volumes of CDs replicated. Other services that CD duplication companies offer also include Blu-Ray replication, express services (typically 2,000 copies on 24 hours), CD and CD cover printing, free shipping (depending on volume of order) and vinyl record replication.