There are a few different ways to dye eyebrows. But no matter which way you choose you have to be very careful with your eyes. You know how hard it can be to dye your hair without getting something in your eyes, well your brows are even closer to your eyes! But if done properly, they can look stunning and brighten your look.

But that being said, here are a few tips on how to do it:

Hair dye

You can use your dye specifically designed for hair. But you have to be super careful around your eyes. It is best if your dye brows at the same time you are dying your hair. You don't need very much product.

After you have dyed hair, take some Vaseline and with a Q-tip coat the skin around your eyebrow. This prevents staining of your skin. You don't want to look like you have a uni-brow! Being careful not to get any Vaseline on your brow hair or it won't take the dye.

Then take a fresh Q-tip and take some product from your hair dye bottle, (even off the sides of the bottle should be enough) and then lightly go over your eyebrows with this dye. Don't put on too much you don't want it to be dripping. Keep using a fresh Q-Tip if you have to, as it is easier to follow the shape of your brow with a "intact Q-tip) rather than fuzzy.

Wait about five minutes. If you think it looks OK, then take a old wet washcloth and wipe this off, then carefully and I mean CAREFULLY wash your face. You don't want to wash the chemicals into your eyes.


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You can actually purchase specific dye. This maybe an easier way to do it, but the only draw back, is you have to try and match the color to your hair dye. If it is not the same brand it may look different. In which case opt for a slightly darker shade than your hair. But the dye is a little easier on the skin, not as irritating as regular hair dye can be.


Rather than dye them, you can highlight them, just like you do your hair. By using a tint, it doesn't actually dye your entire brow area, but :"lightens" or "darkens" them depending on what look you are going for. It won't change the color, but this works well too!

pencil and gels

Rather than go for something permanent, with the dye, why not experiment with eyebrow gels and pencils? They will change the color, or give it a darker hue, depending on the look you want. The downfall of course, is this is temporary, and needs to be reapplied every day. But this would be a great way to see if you would look good with a darker eyebrow before going permanent?

Which ever route you choose whether to dye them, tint them, or use gels and pencils, you can totally change your look. If you feel it is time for a makeover, then don't forget your eyebrows, they can really have an impact on your looks. To dye them the same color as your hair, makes you look more natural too.