Besides your hair color, the color and shade of your eyebrows can have a dramatic effect on your appearance. Eyebrows that are too pale can blend in with your skin and make you look washed out and tired. On the other hand, dark eyebrows can bee harsh especially if you have thick and coarse eyebrow hairs. The key is to find a balance between the two extremes. You want your brows to be dark enough to define your brow bone and bring out your best features like your eyes and yet look natural and soft.

Most often, the best shade of brow color is one that complements your natural hair coloring. For women, this can be a tough situation since many of us do dye our hair. The soution in this case is to clor your eyebrows as well. This is a simple thing to do as long as you keep some safety tips in mind. Since your eyebrows are so close to your eyes, the dyes used in coloring them must be safe for your eyes and extra gentle. This means you should not just pick up any normal hair dye and use it on your eyebrows. In the unfortunate event that any dye drips down into your eyes or the gases from the dye get to your eyes, you could suffer permanent eye damage and vision loss.

There are special eyebrow tints and dyes available that are approved for use around the eye area. You should look for these either online or in beauty supply stores. Like normal hair dye, the effects are temporary and last several months at best. You will have to do touch ups along the way since the color will fade and grow dull over time. Here's how you can dye your own eyebrows at home.

First, you will want to protect the skin area around your brows. The eye area is covered by delicate skin that is easily irritated by chemicals like hair dye. You can protect this area by applying a thick coat of petroleum jelly to your skin around your eyebrows. Make sure to only apply the petroleum jelly to your skin and not your eyebrow hairs. Otherwise, it will coat your brows and prevent the dye from sinking in.

Next, you will want to mix your eyebrow dye according to the directions on the package. There should be some mixing trays and measuring cups provided. The final mixture should be wet but not runny. You will then want to apply the dye to your eyebrows carefully with an applicator stick. Try to get the dye all onto your eyebrows and keep it off of your skin. Even though you used vaseline to coat your skin, the dye can still drip into your eyes if you use too much and if you missed any area on your skin, the dye can end up dyeing your skin.

Keep the dye on for as long as the packaging tells you to. When the time has passed, use some tissue or cotton to wipe up the excess dye. The process usually takes less than 10 minutes since you're dyeing such a small amount of hair. Try to get off as much dye and vaseline as you can with your tissue. Then, carefully cleanse your face with your facial cleanser and lukewarm water.

Eyebrow dyes are a great way to define your eyebrows after you've groomed them into the perfect shape. However, if your brows are overplucked or you have slow eyebrow regrowth, then an eyebrow growth stimulator is the best choice for fixing your eyebrows before dyeing them. Dyeing uneven patchy eyebrows will only bring attention to the imperfections which is exactly what you do not want.