Want to know how to earn easy money? Do the lottery. And cross your fingers. Or you could marry a gasping for his last breath aged billionaire. You'd probably be better going for the second choice

But but you came here to learn something right? Well read on. And you may just learn something. So come one - learn with me.

First - I'm not selling anything and there isn't a catch. Not even a slightly sneaky snag - anywhere. So now that you know I'm not going to ask you to buy my 'Blueprint To Cash' you can settle down - and enjoy the read.

Things You Will Need

Let's state the facts:

  1. You can make money online

  2. You will need to invest some time

  3. You will need a fair amount of patience

  4. There is no such thing as 'get rich quick'

Got that? Now let's get down to business.

The 'easiest' way to make money online is to write. Simple. Write articles that inform and enlighten. Articles that give the readers what they're looking for. And the ultimate secret is this: don't give them everything they're looking for. You want your readers to - want a little more.

Its equivalent to making the world's greatest cookies that everyone and his wife want to eat - then simply handing them out for free. Doh. So - give enough. Don't be mean. Empty articles don't do anything other than lose you credibility and create frustration. Yours and that of your readers.

What you're aiming for is this: you write an article about the 'Worlds Best Wellingtons' (or whatever). In that article you want to have informed your readers to a certain degree. That being that something is missing they need a little more info. Perhaps a sizing guide, latest styles or they may want to purchase the latest big thing in rubber - and they exit from your article by way of clicking on one of the ads on your page

And bingo! You've made $0.05. Not much - but if you have 100 such exits, then you've made $5.00 If you have 10 such articles gaining $5.00 a day you've got yep $50 dollars. See how it works?

Now I'm am not advocating writing empty articles. That's just not cricket in my book. You should always write good quality content. Always. Research your chosen topic and deliver a good quality article. This is about leaving your readers a little wanting - not full on disappointed.

A good example of too much information would be the following: You write an article titled 'How To Make The Best Waffles Ever'. You follow the title with a great article that includes all the information the reader was looking for, great pictures, the method and so on. And what happens? Nothing. They may print your page off or simply write down the recipe. But they've found what they were looking for. They don't need to exit from your page by way of an ad. You delivered 100%

So, bear in mind all of the above and you've got a kind of blueprint to work off. And no snags or catches in sight. All just plain old common sense advice. And even better - free advice.

To conclude, the best bit - without doubt - is that you can do all this without spending a dime. All you do is join a site such as this one and hey presto - you're on the right track. Of course you need to sign up to the affiliates on offer, adsense for e.g. otherwise you'd be wasting your time and effort.

Apart from that all you need to do is start writing and building up the quantity of quality articles you have and then watch and wait. The money will start to appear - which is where the patience part kicks in.

So what are you waiting for?

Tips & Warnings


  • Write good quality content

  • Write original content

  • Provide your readers with almost what they're looking for

  • Invest some time and effort in researching your chosen topic


  • Churn out empty articles

  • Misinform or write about something beyond your scope

  • Plagiarize - no copy and pasting