Tip 1:

Write for Info Barrel.  If you have knowledge or experience about anything you can share it with the online community through Info Barrel or other article writing websites.  These sites give you the opportunity to share what you know and get paid for doing so.  It is very easy to join and get started, all it takes is a little of your time and effort to prepare and arrange your ideas into articles.  Also know that there are a lot of people out there that could benefit from what you have to offer.  To start writing for Info Barrel and earn extra money you can sign up here to join for free.



Tip 2:

There are many banks and credit unions in the US that are offering very high interest yielding checking and money market accounts.  These accounts are typically offered by community banks and credit unions and are a great place to keep your emergency savings and earn extra money.  Some of these institutions are offering checking accounts with an annual percent yield (APY) of up to 3.5 %.  These high yielding accounts will typically require a little work on your part including making a specified number of debit card transactions per cycle, accept electronic statements, and make one direct deposit or automatic withdrawal per cycle to earn the interest.  These accounts also usually have no minimum balance.  Top money market accounts now are currently offering around 1.0 % APY, without additional effort on your part but usually require a higher minimum balance.  These accounts can provide you with a great opportunity to let your money work for you and remain easily accessible.



Tip 3:

Take a part time job one or two days a week in the mornings or evenings.  This could be working at a local book store, grocer or hardware store.  Most local shops like these are always looking for good people.  Just a few hours a week of your time could provide a beneficial boost to your family’s income budget.



Tip 4:

Take a look through the attic and storage places of your home and look for items you either don’t use or have a need for.  These items could be sold at a yard sale, through a consignment shop or on Ebay.  Which ever way you choose you could really generate some good extra income while cleaning your home.  While in this process you can also consider donating some items you come across to those who are less fortunate.



Tip 5:

Consider interests and hobbies you are interested in and passionate about.  With in these interests and hobbies you will also more than likely have some level of skill that can be put to good use.  You can develop a product or offer a service to the community that people will pay for.  This may include: offering guitar lessons, academic tutoring, selling homemade baked pastries, starting an IT business, the possibilities truly are endless.  This business idea can be as small as you like or grow as big as you desire to build it.   This is best to be done with something you love and really enjoy, as it is very difficult to pursue an entrepreneurial enterprise with no passion.  If however, in this your only real pursuit is money, this is not the best route for you as money will not be enough to drive you to success. 



Tip 6:

Start a website or blog about something you have an interest in or knowledge about.  Add good content and update regularly to attract an interested and devoted audience.  You can have advertisers post ads on your website or blog and as people see your content and the ads you can earn extra money.  A great place to start is looking into advertising through Google Adsense.  Remember that just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, so also a successful website or blog that generates steady income will take time to develop.



Tip 7:

Invest any additional money you have (that is not emergency savings and is of course after monthly expenses are paid) into good growth stock mutual funds.  These types of mutual funds will offer you a way to diversify your money and have a higher level of security than individual stocks.  Individual stocks are like pieces of a single pie (company) while mutual funds are like a bunch of tiny slices of a whole lot of different pies (many companies) and provide greater stability and are therefore more desirable.  The stock market is always on the move and has its ups and downs but in general has a pretty good track record in rewarding diligence and perseverance.  It is currently down from its previous highs, but many experts will agree it will rise again and go higher than previous records.  This offers you an incredible opportunity to make a serious return on your investment in the coming years and increase your family’s income budget.  With as little as a $1,000 initial investment, many brokerage firms will allow you to open an investment account.  Be sure to use caution and do your homework when selecting the investment advisor and the mutual funds right for you.  You should have full faith and trust in those you are putting your money into the hands of.