If you are student wanting to pay for college without going into debt, take heart it is possible and you can do it. You may not have perfect grades, a full ride scholarship or parents in a financial position to help you but there are other options available so that you don't have to resort to debt. Student loan debt is something you really want to avoid and not have hanging over you when you graduate. Here are some tips and ideas for earning and receiving money to pay for college.

Tip 1: Scholarships

Apply for as many scholarships as possible that you are eligible for. Scholarships are not just for the academically gifted, very athletic or economically disadvantaged. Scholarship funds are provided by commercial institutions, professional organizations, private individuals and educational institutions for students that fall into a wide range of categories. The categories that qualify a student for a certain scholarship may include his/her professional aspirations, essay writing, where he/she was born (country, state, county, cit, etc.), race or ethnic origin, community activities, his/her hobbies or interests, etc. An example of this might include a scholarship that qualifies a student with an interest in pursuing an agriculture degree that is from the state of Wisconsin. You can find scholarship opportunities through potential college/university admission programs, state education agencies, high school administration offices and online. It takes work to fill out applications and write essays, but the more you apply for the greater the chance to receive one. Diligent students who pursue these opportunities can receive enough scholarship money to pay their entire college/university expenses.

Tip 2: Writing

Write for Info Barrel or other online writing websites. If you like to write, have information to share and enjoy writing this would be a great opportunity for you to earn some passive income. While it does take a little time writing plenty of high quality articles on topics of interest to you and others can earn you some serious money if you are committed to and stick to it. Writing a little here and a little there between classes can really add up to a serious library of content that pays you while in class or sleeping for that matter. Great writers, many of which write here for Info Barrel earn as much as $500 or more a month. If you are at least 18 years of age and are approved for a Google Adsense account you can sign up here for Info Barrel and begin writing immediately.

Tip 3: Full/Part Time Work

Find a full or part time job that's close to school and fits well between classes and studying. This could be a job working for your college or university possibly as a research aid in your major or even a local employer ideally in your desired career path. Try to take advantage of summer sessions (if not in class) to pursue internship opportunities to work for companies in your career field to not only earn income but gain valuable experience. This probably goes without saying but finding a job or two that earns you something to pay the bills is one of the most effective ways to make money.

Tip 4: Sell Photos And Images Online

If you are handy with a digital camera, enjoy capturing interesting photos and have an understanding of photography basics or don't mind learning then selling photos and images online may be for you. Online microstock companies such as Shutterstock and Fotolia offer a platform to sell photos and images in a wide range of topics directly to buyers earning you a commission every sale. Unless you sell rights or enter into exclusivity agreements, you own the rights to your photos and can sell as many copies as customers are willing to buy. Producing and uploading content often is a great way to build a portfolio and set yourself up for earning an ongoing residual income for as long as you wish.

Tip 5: Provide A Paid Service

Consider using your skills and knowledge to provide a paid service to your fellow students and the community. Perhaps you have a lot of skill in certain subjects like Calculus, Chemistry, etc, use this to provide tutoring services. Maybe you have knowledge in performing computer repairs or building websites, put this to use. Use what you have and are passionate about to earn money and potentially start your own business.

Tip 6: Start A Blog

Start your own blog or website about something you love or are passionate about. Continually add high quality content that provides value for your viewers and develops an interested audience. You can monetize your site with advertisers such as Google or Chitika along with affiliate marketers such as Amazon and Ebay and as you generate more traffic you have a greater potential to earn money. A blog or website is a great place also to build back links to your articles (should you decide to begin writing them) Just like with building a writing library, it takes time to build a successful, popular website or blog that generates a steady flow of traffic and income.

These are just a couple ways to begin earning money for college and while doing at least one of them is great, doing several of them together is a much better way to ensure success to avoid going in to debt to pay for college