So you have a web page of some sort, and maybe you are thinking of making some money with it. The problem is you are only get a few views per day, and don't know how to get thousands of daily views like everyone else appears to be getting. Well I'm going to show you exactly what everyone else is doing, and how you can do it yourself.

The first main thing, is content. This means your title, writing in the article/web page, and tags. If you want lots of people to read it, you need to pick a topic many people like (some topics could get 5,000 searches daily, while others get 5,000,000 daily). A good title is something you need to think about also, 'My Burrito Recipe' and 'My Guide to the Perfect burritos' is a big difference. Of course your writing style, skill and content are all greatly important. If you write good, your article will be ranked higher, and many people will continue on and read your other articles, and tell friends about you. Lastly, if available, create as many tags as possible. A tag is a search term, so say one of your tags is 'Money' and somebody searches 'How to Make Money' your article will come up.

Besides making the actual article good, you should advertise it on different places. You can Ping it, which means the Ping site will put your articles into different searches, which could help you get some extra views. Another thing you can do is go to, and submit your article there, and they can rank it. If they say your article is good and praise it, you could see 10,000-20,000 views daily. Another thing you can do, is give your articles address to friends and family, and they can go and read it, and also give it to their friends and family.

Now you know how to write a good article, and how to get a lot of views, but you may still not know what to write. One good thing to write is tutorials and guides teaching other people how to do stuff. The reason is you will typically know everything about the thing you chose to write about. Also it will get a lot of views, depending how many people need to know how to do whatever your guide is about. Another thing is reviews and details of items. If you have a favourite item/product, it will be easy to write about it. You can describe and key features, flaws, and anything else about it easy.  Most people will research the item before they buy it, and if you set your article up proper, they will stumble upon your article.

Using those 3 things, I can get thousands of daily views on each one of my articles, which here on Info Barrel is about 10-20 dollars daily per article! Right now I'm making 3,000 dollars every month, which is more than enough to support myself if something ever happened that I couldn't work anymore.

I hope these strategies can help you as much as they have helped me. If you have any suggestions or improvements to my strategies (or your own strategies), please feel free to comment with them.