It may seem incredible, but it is possible to make money just by installing applications on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. Unlike web sites that pay to install applications on your computer, and that some cases are applications that do not interest you and, in the worst cases, are spyware, here you just have to install the application via the website, running the app and ready.

Here are places that do this:


This web site is very easy to use. During the login process you only need an email account, or your Facebook account or, your Twitter account to sign in. You don't need to pay anything to create your account, is completely free.

After activating your account, you must specify your Paypal's email, Apperang only pays via Paypal after you reached $1 dollar in your account, so if you don't have a Paypal account, go and create one.Apperang has two types of app, Free and Paid. In both cases, they pay you $0.25 per install so, you need to install four to get paid. To install the apps, you need connect your iPhone, iPad o iPod to your computer, login into your account at Apperang, browse the apps available in that moment, click to install button; after that, iTunes will open redirecting where the app is and, just install the app in yor IOS device.

The best part about this site is that also have a referral program. When someone becomes an Apperang member after clicking through one of your unique referral links, you earn a 5% commission on their earnings for the first two years. You can get referals via Facebook, Twitter o sending email to your friends.


This website is a bit different from previous for three reasons. First, you need to log via your iPhone, iPad or iPod, not via your computer. Second, you earn money ONLY when the price of the app is lower than Appredeem pay to you (obvious) and Third, you need to sign in using your Paypal email, no try to use other email, because you won't receive your payment.

Appredeem like Apperang pays via Paypal but , they don't have minimum payout. When the app is installed, they pay you one minute after that but, you'll need to open the app first. Also, They have a referral program. When someone becomes an Appredeem member after receiving your email, you will earn $1 dollar.