Tools You Will Need To Make More Money Online

Why Info Barrel Is A Good Source Of Revenue

Info Barrel and other sites like Hubpages are great since they offer to share the revenue with you for your articles. You write for them, and they help to make you money. But just writing an article isn't enough to start making real money online. You may be able to make a few dollars a day by just slapping up a ton of random articles on stuff you like, but you could seriously increase your earnings with just a little bit of extra work. Info Barrel currently allows you to monitize your articles in two ways: Adsense and Ebay. What you will learn in this article is how to do some basic keyword research that will greatly increase you earning potential.

What Is A Keyword, and Why Does It Have A Tail?

A keyword is the word or phrase somebody enters into a search engine like Google to find what they are looking for. There are two kinds of keywords: Short and Long. Or more commonly you will see them called 'short tail' and 'long tail.' A short tail keyword is one or two words like: "Make Money" a long tail keyword is a longer phrase like "How can I make money on the internet." See the difference? Now, there is a whole book that could be written on how to do SEO for long tail and short tail keywords, in fact there are many already written. But this article is about how you are going to use good keywords to make more money on your Info Barrel Articles.

Not All Keywords Are Created Equal

See not all keywords are the same when it comes to Google Adsense. Google Adwords and Adsense is an online advertising network hosted by Google. Websites display the advertisements and companies pay a certain amount of money to Google each time a person clicks on their advertisement. The website also gets a cut or commission from that click. The more competetive and popular the topic, generally the more a company will have to pay to have their advertisement displayed. The more they pay, the more you make.

So, that is where the first tool comes into play. Use Googles Search based keyword tool to search for high paying keywords and write articles on that topic. When you do a search with that tool, it will show you how much people are paying on average for each click (we call that the CPC or "Cost Per Click"). Also you will see how many people are searching for that particular phrase each month.

Find high paying, and highly popular keywords and write an article on that. The longer the tail on the keyword, generally the more likely you will be able to get lots of traffic to your article. There's plenty of ways you can get traffic, but we are focusing on making sure you will get the most money possible from said traffic.

How To Trigger The Right Ads

Now you have to make sure that those advertisements show up on your article. All too often I am looking at the articles on Info Barrel and the adsense advertisements are nothing related to the topic in the article! That means nobody is going to click on them, and you aren't going to get paid! Follow these steps to make sure your article triggers the correct high paying advertisements:

  • Put that keyword you found in the Title of the article. This is the single most important thing to do.
  • Make sure your article is focused on that keyword and that topic. Use it and related words in the body of your writing
  • Us the H2 and or the H3 header at least once and put your keyword in it
  • Bold the keyword once or twice to add extra emphasis to it

These things should trigger the correct ads to display, which will mean you will get more clicks (since they are relevant) and make more money (since they have a high CPC)

How To Sell More With Ebay

Making money with Ebay isn't as easy with Info Barrel (yet) since they only display two Ebay listings below your article, it's important that you make sure those listings are good.

So, use your second tool to find a popular topic to write about: Ebay Pulse. Use Ebay Pulse to find what is a hot seller on Ebay right now. Then write an article on that topic. In the "Product Tag" box on the right of your article editer enter in exactly the product you are talking about. Double check on the actual Ebay website that if you search for that exact phrase you get the listings you want. That way the listings are relevant, and popular so people will more likely click on them.

In Conclusion: On Work Ethic, Internet Empires, SEO, and Where To Go Next!

As you can probably see, a little keyword research goes a long way. If you need any examples of how to optimize your content for adsense then just look at how I wrote this article for some ideas. Generally it's better to focus your article on one specific topic to ensure you get the best advertisements.

Of course, one article isn't going to make you your fortunes online. In reality it will take hundreds of articles to earn a real income on the internet in this way. But each and every article is also a great opportunity to provide a backlink to one of your own websites. This is a major part of SEO (search engine optimization) Be careful though, making money online can get a little addicting! Don't be discouraged when you don't see a ton of income rolling in right away, it takes serious work and dedication to build a true passive income. But the results are well worth it since you will be making an empire that will earn you money for years to come.

Hope this will help you to optimize your articles correctly to make money online with adsense and Ebay on Info Barrel. Now that you have done the research and written that high paying article, you need to learn how to generate traffic to that article so that you will have more chances for a person to click on it.