Recession Proof Jobs

There a certain industries that you can work in that offer well paid careers and recession proof jobs. In today's world many jobs are highly dependent on the economy and with a down turn can be eliminated very quickly. Companies outsourcing work overseas, automated machines now doing jobs people used to do, these things can all be devastating to your chosen career path. However, there are several industries that are virtually immune to these problems.

One of the best recession proof jobs is getting into law enforcement. There will always be crime and always be a need for someone to keep order, this is why becoming a police officer is as steady a job as there is. Besides the fact that there will always be crime and a need for your services, another benefit is that you work for the government so the chances of you getting laid off for budget problems are nearly non-existent. Even when there are financial problems in state, local, and federal government law enforcement is an essential need, so these problems will not effect your employment or your paycheck. In addition there is a lot of room for advancement and law enforcement provides many well paid careers as you move up the chain of command.


recession proof jobs

Along the same lines of recession proof jobs nursing is a field that is always going to be in demand for workers. People are never going to stop getting hurt, injured, or sick, and there will always be a need for nurses to help take care of these people in hospitals. The time is takes to go to school and get trained to be a nurse is relatively short and you can make a very nice salary in this field as well. In addition you do not have to necessarily work in a hospital setting when you are a nurse, there are many other outlets for your services.

Most everyone likes to look their best, and everyone who has hair on their head needs it cut regularly to keep it looking how they want, this makes becoming a barber or hairdresser another on the list of jobs in demand. Becoming a barber or hairdresser not only is a job that will always be needed as long as people have hair, but it is also a career that can afford a person a very good quality of life. For example, their are many hairdressers that choose to work out of their homes, make their own hours, and see clients on their terms instead of a traditional 9-5 job every day.

Computers are another field that not only is not going away, but is becoming more and more an integral part of our daily lives both in and out of the workplace. As long as computers need networking and troubleshooting a career in IT(information technology) will always be in demand. This is a great field for anyone who is tech savvy and the opportunities over time should only grow exponentially.

Although it is a sad part of life death is something that will eventually happen to everyone. It is for this reason that a funeral director is one of the most recession jobs there is. To get into this field you have to be at least 21 years old, it requires a license, and there is also formal training and an apprenticeship needed before you will be ready to take the position.

There are also jobs in demand that you can do on a part time basis if need be. Jobs such as bartending and landscaping will always need workers. So whether you want to get into either of these fields as a full time employee or on a part time basis there is usually a need in these industries. Bartending can be a great way to make money. The training to get into this field is extremely short, and if you land a job at a popular restaurant, bar, or nightclub you can make a lot of money in tips. This industry can also be great for people who enjoy being a night owl as opposed to an early riser.


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Lastly, if you live in or near a metropolitan area, and you have a car, couriers are almost always one of the jobs in demand around these areas with many businesses. Couriers deliver documents and business related items from business to business when they need to get to their location on the same day or in even within a few hours. This is especially true of law firms who hire courier services regularly to deliver documents to clients they are representing.

These occupations listed above are recession proof jobs that will most likely always be in demand and will be much less effected by economic conditions that other professions. Some of these occupations are well paid careers in which you can make a nice living for yourself and have the stability of knowing that your not likely to be standing in the unemployment line looking for work anytime soon.


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