You can pay to get your credit score at many websites. You can also get a free credit score but there is usually some kind of catch where you have to pay money. CreditKarma offers you your credit score for free with no catch.

CreditKarma allows you to get your credit score for free and have your score updated as often as you would like. There is no catch and no credit card needed. CreditKarma is able to give you your score for Free Credit Scorefree because advertisers pay them to showcase there credit card offers.

CreditKarma has many tools available to help you manage and rebuild your credit. They have a credit simulation where you can simulate doing different financial items such as taking out a car loan or paying off a credit card and it will simulate what your new score would be if these actions happened.

CreditKarma can recommend different credit cards depending upon your credit score. Each credit card offer also shows the lowest credit score that has been accepted for that particular card. They have offers for everything from zero interest credit cards to pre-paid credit cards with huge monthly fees. Everything is upfront.

On the credit card offers you can choose if you would give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You also get to see the percentage of users that rated each credit card offer and see if the community as a whole thinks a particular credit card offer is a good deal or a ripoff.

You can leave comments and ask questions about the credit cards offered and many of the representatives of the actual credit card will answer your questions.

In addition to the credit simulator they offer many other credit tools that are totally free. You can get a credit report card, a credit snapshot, credit comparison, and many CreditKarma offers for credit cards, debit cards, and satellite TV.

You can compare various interest rates or use one of their various financial calculators.

CreditKarma offers all of these important financial tools for free. You will NEVER have to have a credit card or pay any money to use the CreditKarma financial website.

If you have a poor credit score you can learn a lot at CreditKarma on how to increase your credit score. One of the featured articles this month is called "I have really poor credit, how can I begin to fix it?"

CreditKarma is truly free and a very valuable resource to help you improve and maintain your credit score.