Tips on Stripping Wallpaper

Removing wallpaper can be a real pain and messy to boot. A little hard work however and a consistent and methodical approach can make the process a lot easier and more hassle free. In this Inforbarrel I want to give you some quick tips to help you strip your wallpaper without any specialist equipment in the easiest way possible.

1. To start with you will need a few things, you may already have some of them anyway. You’ll need:

A Bucket
A Sponge or Cloth
Some Vinegar
A Scraper
Some Sheets to cover the floor with.

2. Begin by laying down some sheets. Removing wall paper is messy and you don’t want to ruin your flooring. Also pull furniture away from the walls into the centre of the room so you can work easily.

3. Fill the bucket with hot water you need to put your hands in it though so not boiling. Into the water add a cup of vinegar. The vinegar is an acid and will help break down the glue that holds the paper onto the wall. Begin using the sponge or cloth to wipe down the wallpaper a section at a time. We want the water to soak through the paper and soften the glue, you don’t want to completely soak the wall and damage the plaster or drywall. If it’s particularly thick wallpaper you may want to consider scoring it lightly with a knife to allow the water to penetrate.

4. Bear in mind you are dampening the walls. If you are working around and switches or electrical outlets you will want to switch the electric off. Remember to be safe.

5. Get your scraper and begin scraping away at the paper. It can be hard to get started initially. Work on on of the edges. Once you get an opening peel as much as you can. You’ll want to wet other areas of the wall at the same time so the vinegar solution can break down the glue and paper ready for you to strip that. If the wall begins to dry out just reapply the vinegar solution.

6.Continue on wetting sections of wall then stripping until you have worked your way throughout the room.

Top Tips For Stripping Wallpaper

Use a vinegar solution to break down the glue
Keep floors and furniture covered to avoid damage and make cleaning easier
Shut off electricity if working near outlets or switches
Take your time and don’t get frustrated