Increase your influence by making it easy for people to quote you.


In the world of social media, there is nothing better than to see your tweets spreading. I am still a relative newbie, but it is exciting to see my tweets get multiple retweets. It is an indication that my influence is starting to grow. At the start if one tweet was passed on I was thrilled. Currently I get a few, but I see people getting retweeted literally thousands of times.

One thing I have done to make it easier for people to quote me, is to embed Twitter posts directly in my articles so my readers can, with two clicks, pass on what I am sharing.


I use the website “” It’s great! You don’t have to open an account. You don’t have to sign up. You don’t even have to give them your email address. You simply drop your text in a box and it will give you a link to embed in your article. It’s easy, and now I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

Step 1:

Write great content. I am sure you are already doing that, but if you skip this step it will be hard to get people to quote you.

Step 2:

Pick a great quote from your great content. For example:

I learned how to embed tweets in my posts, and you can too.

Step 3:

In another browser tab or window open

ClickToTweet1Credit: BenNelson

Step 4:

Copy the pithy quote from your article and paste it into the speech bubble on the page like this:

Credit: Ben Nelson


Before you move onto Step 6 you might want to add a few things to your embedded tweet, such as your Twitter handle, a link to your article, and perhaps a #HashTag too, if you have the space and it makes sense.

I recommend you don't fill all 140 characters, so that people can retweet without reworking your message.

Credit: Ben Nelson

There, that looks better. Now on to Step 5

Step 5:

Click the "Generate Link!" button. This will clear the window and put the auto generated link below the speech bubble.

Step 6:

Copy this link and add it as the hyperlink for your quote. I like to place this link at the end of the line you are asking folks to quote, like this:

I learned how to embed tweets in my posts, and you can too. [Tweet this

Credit: Ben Nelson

In the hyperlink properties I simply copy in the auto-generated link from Click to Tweet, and in the Title field I put in “Click to Tweet.” It's also important to set "Target" so the Tweet window opens in a new window, not the one you are working in, or the reader may not return to your article. The illustration below is from the InfoBarrel editor, but yours should be similar.


Credit: Ben Nelson

Once you publish your article, the users will click the link and get browser window with their tweet ready to go, and your name and link will be easily passed from friend to friend.

Embedded Tweet Ready to go
Credit: Ben Neslon