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Las Vegas is one of the top destinations in the world, and with all the things that you can do, it is no wonder that people love to visit Sin City. The city will make you think that you are visiting different countries and destinations from all around the world. One second you are in Egypt, next you get to New York on your way to Italy and France. A lot of people choose to enjoy all the luxuries that Vegas has to offer, but others who cannot afford the VIP treatment of the Strip are still able to enjoy the city on a tight budget. Here are some of the best tips for enjoying Las Vegas without losing your shirt in the process.

Travel Arrangements

The very first thing that you need to figure out is when you are going to visit the city. To know the best dates for your budget you can visit the casino websites. There you will find the prices for the lodging options. You do not have to book just yet; the important thing now is to get an idea of the different prices for different times of the year. You will also notice that the weekends are more expensive than week days so if you can travel from Sunday through Thursday you are more likely to get great prices for lodging and airfare. Holidays are also more expensive so try to avoid the high season and the holidays; Las Vegas is a great destination even during the very low season (sometimes even better).

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It is also a good idea to package all of your options by using a travel website. The discounts when you do are actually pretty good. Take a look at travel website as well as the discount airlines like Southwest and JetBlue. They have packaging options that can include airfare, hotel, car rental and even shows. Compare prices and decide which option is best for your trip

Where To Stay

Where you stay is very important to the price that you will pay. Of course you want to stay where all the action is, but that does not necessarily mean that you should stay on the strip. The downtown area is very much alive and while if does not have the glitz and glamour that the new resort style hotels have on the strip, they are still fairly good places to spend the night. Transportation from downtown to the strip is not a problem as you can do so by bus and be there in ten minutes. Some of the best hotels in the downtown area include the Gold Nugget, the D Las Vegas, and the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

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There are also hotels off the strip which can also give you great prices. You do not even have to travel that far to find them. The Rio Hotel And Suites is one example of a great hotel just of the strip which can be a bargain. Terrible’s Hotel and Casino also has some of the best prices in Vegas and it is only a few blocks from the bigger casinos.

Get A Comp Card

The moment that you walk into a casino in LV you will see that signs about players’ club cards are in everywhere. If you are going to spend most of your gambling time at one casino (which you should), then you should always get their comp card. Comp cards are there so that you stay in one casino so that helps the owner of the establishment, but in return you also get different things. You could get free play money, enter contests, get free meals, free shows and prizes and even discounts for future visits and rooms. The more you play at a casino, the more points you will accumulate in your card and that means you could get better prizes.

If you plan on playing at a different casino then you should always sign up for that casino’s comp card because though you may not accumulate enough points for the freebies, they will still send you discounts for future visits, and once you have visited Las Vegas once you will want to go back many times.

Enjoy The Sights

If you spend most of your time in the casino then you will also spend a lot of money during your visit. The good news is that there are a lot of things that you can enjoy during your trip that you do not have to pay a penny for. You can enjoy the circus acts at Circus-Circus or watch the water fountains at the Bellagio. The volcano in front of the Mirage erupts every 30 minutes giving you a great free show and other casinos may shows that are free or close to free. There are Vegas discount guides at some hotels, the airport and through the city. They are great because they have coupons for shows you may want to enjoy.

There are also a Tix4Tonight booths throughout the city including at the Hawaiian Marketplace, Casino Royale, Town Square, Slots A’ Fun and others where you can find show tickets for half price. Those are tickets for the same night, and it is a good option for saving money.

Playing in Las Vegas

Learn The Better Games

Some games just pay better than others and some will not pay as much but will give you a lot more entertainment for your money. It is important to understand that when you go to Vegas you are not likely to come back rich. Sure there is always a chance, but your odds are better when you know what to play. Some of the best games that you should learn include Black Jack, Video Poker, Texas Hold’em and Craps (Don’t Pass/Don’t Come). You should also make sure that you plan a daily budget and stick to it. Always have a watch on your wrist; otherwise you will never know what time it is. Finally while playing enjoy a couple of free drinks, but make sure that you do not over do it. You need to have a clear mind to know when to fold if necessary.

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