Holiday in the Maldives

The Maldives is known for its underwater preserved scenery where many divers and snorkelers often visit in order to enjoy scuba diving. The warm temperature through the whole year makes visitors decide to visit this place especially during the holidays. It's a perfect destination for people who want to enjoy the sun and the beautiful beaches with white sand.

Maldives covers more than a thousand islets and these are located in the southwest part of Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. These small islands are surrounded with white sand and crystal clear water filled with abundant marine life. Some of these thousand islets are inhabited by Maldivian folks who love to fish in this warm sea. They are spread all over Maldives which provide visitors privacy, seclusion and beauty of nature that can be reached through small sea air crafts or planes.

International travelers arrive through Malé, which is the capital of Maldives and known for its international airport
. Since many of the islands in Maldives are not connected by roads, visitors from resorts travel through domestic flights or speed boats. Most of these Maldivian resorts can be reached between 40 up to 55 minutes away from the Malé Airport.

Things You Will Need

Luggage, money, ticket, itinerary

Step 1

Enjoy a fishing trip through their deep sea fishing boats. You can usually fish for marlin, tuna, etc. You can also enjoy riding a Dhoni boat to Maldives' beautiful reefs. Tourists can relax on the sundeck of the Maldivian's famous traditional Dhoni boat and admire the breathtaking views of the sun while it sets on the waters of the Indian ocean. Many people go fishing this way by using the hand reel line especially at dawn.

If you want to explore more about the locals' way of living as well as experience the simple life of the Maldivian fishermen, you can visit a local village near the resort. You can also stroll along Maldives' pristine white beaches while enjoying the sea breeze because it's truly relaxing. Eat your picnic lunch served under the shade of a palm tree so that you can experience the way these locals take their meals outdoors.

Step 2

Learn the local way of life in the olden days by exploring the Cultural Centre of Maldives. Explore the Dhangethi Island because this is home of Maldives' cultural centre. You can also allow the locals to cook their famous foods so that you can taste their authentic cuisine. Visit the Dhoni building and learn about their local crafts.

Step 3

Spend a few days and nights in Malé, the capital of Maldives in order to enjoy your holiday vacation. Include this place on your package tour because you can taste variety of delicious fish food recipes. The hotels
in this capital city are not that expensive and the amenities are good. If you love fresh sea food, visit the fish market next to the harbor. The locals love to buy their fish that are recently caught from the sea and it is delightful to see them purchasing variety of fresh sea foods.

Step 4

Enjoy taking a ride with one of their beautiful ferries. You can ride one of them to Hulhumale for about 25 minutes from Malé. Experience the taste of sea food there from the local restaurants. These are inexpensive snacks or treats to fuel you while walking within the island. This place is also known for people who love snorkeling.

You will enjoy snorkel hopping when you're in Maldives. A trip on a speedboat is inexpensive and you'll be amazed to their snorkeling sites located just near in their coral reefs. You can also select excursions whether its sunrise or daytime. Choose an excursion where you can spot the beautiful and lively animals in the sea like the playful and friendly Spinner Dolphins that are mainly seen in the Indian ocean.

There are available safari boats that can take you to their spectacular diving sites. If you'll visit some of their famous snorkeling sites, you'll be able to see sharks, turtles and manta rays. There are also affordable guest houses that will allow you to rent a room just for one day so that you can enjoy the place if you have a tight schedule. If you have enough money for your vacation, you can also explore the wonderful sights of Maldives on a private yacht cruise.

Step 5

Talk to the Maldivian residents who are working in the resorts. You can get lots of information about the place you're currently visiting if you talk to the locals. Be friendly and nice to them so that they will not feel awkward when sharing with you about their experiences living in the island. Most of these people are family oriented and some of them will tell you why they love to stay in the island.

Step 6

Go island and resort hopping. You'll have an opportunity to see their beautiful islands in one trip if you'll stop one island at a time which is a great way to experience local fresh sea food and a wonderful way for sightseeing. Don't miss visiting a deserted island for sunbathing, snorkeling and a picnic lunch so that you can experience the beauty of nature with the sea breeze while you're taking a meal.

Try to book for 2 or 3 days in a resort located in the south and north of Maldives so that you can experience flying in their small planes. Don't be afraid to ride in these small air crafts because they are well-built and they are often used as air transportation all over Maldives. The locals in Maldives are used to seeing these small air crafts because of the many tourists who want to see the view on top as well as enjoy island or resort hopping.

The resorts in Maldives are usually isolated islands with good amenities so that you'll enjoy your holiday vacation. Their fantastic beaches with the abundance of marine life will make you appreciate what nature has to offer. If you plan to have a honeymoon or celebrate an anniversary, this is one of the best places to visit. Maldives' marine life is truly abundant and spectacular. You'll be amazed how clear their harbor water and you can even see clearly those beautiful flock of species swimming around the shore.

There are many activities that these Maldivian resorts can offer to their guests. Most of these resorts will provide their visitors certain activities so that your Maldivian holidays will be fun, memorable and exciting. You can also ask your travel agent in advance or email the resort itself so that you'll know what to expect during your upcoming holiday stay in Maldives.

Tips & Warnings


For people who enjoy scuba diving, avoid drinking alcohol especially late in the evening if you want to dive the following day. Accidents can happen especially when you travel especially during the holidays due to drinking too much alcohol.

Most foreign visitors will be granted a free 30 day visa upon arrival in Maldives. Look for a discounted package tour because this is usually offered especially during the holidays.

When you're out in the sea snorkeling, don't panic if you see a shark because most of them are the black tip baby reef sharks and they will not attack you. They may only harm if you'll hurt them.

Do your own research prior visiting Maldives because each place usually has a unique and interesting history. It would be nice to share the knowledge that you've known to fellow visitors as well as the locals in Maldives.

The sea is usually warm all throughout the day and you can take a swim any time everyday.


You'll be totally boiled like a red lobster if you'll fall asleep while getting your suntan under the hit of the sun without any shade.

Be careful of the surrounding corals found on their beaches because you might break them. Stepping on these corals and breaking them could cost you a huge amount of fine because they are well protected in order to preserve nature and maintain the beauty of these islands. Coral reefs take years to grow and develop so you need to be extra careful when you're near them.

Make sure to bring decent clothes because skimpy clothing will attract the locals' attention and you could also offend the way most Maldivian people in their belief when it comes to clothing. Avoid bringing any pair of shoes, you'll never need it when you'll be there.

Avoid bringing a big luggage. Just pack lightly for your vacation. Buy your necessary essentials for your trip such as swimming outfit, shirts, shorts, pair of sun glasses and slippers, sun-block cream, mosquito repellent cream, and among other things when you arrive in one of the islands.

You can just purchase these locally and they are not expensive. Make sure to bring your medicines if you're taking them.

The weather is hot and you'll possibly wear your swim gear for the whole day. You may bring silk skirts and cover ups for the evening. If you're inside the resort, you can wear your skimpy clothing but also try to bring two or three decent outfit so that you'll enjoy going out to the islands without offending some of the locals.

Bring an SPF lotion. Avoid snorkeling without it because the water could be cool along with the sea breeze but the sun is also strong that can give you sunburn. You can get a good suntan by just sitting under those shady tropical palm trees on the beach while viewing a movie on your portable video device, listening to music or by reading your favorite book. You don't have to sit right under the burning heat of the sun in order to have tanning effects on your body.

Avoid carrying money or cash while you are inside the resort because you can just leave them including your valuables in the safety boxes provided in each room. There are also resorts that will allow you to sign on, all your bills based on your room number and you can just pay the total amount by the end of your stay.

View the magnificent sunrise by getting up early in the morning. It will look like a beautiful painting on a canvas so be ready with your digital camera to take one. Sunrise in the Maldives is usually between five up to six in the morning.