The First thing you need to do is get rid of the fly traps. You know those sticky strips of paper that you hang up and the flys stick to them as soon as they land on it. Well while in search of your soul mate if a person lands on you, not litterally of course. Do you know what I mean? When You meet that special someone, if they just can't live without you and there whole life goes on hold for you, then beware. While this new found love may have those Wow! Feel good , wild out of control feelings. It is not a healthy situation for the long run. Slow down and take some time.

Two people operating independently with heallthy balanced lifestyles and their own personal interests coming togeather is a recipie for success. Two people that come togeather and one has no interest except for hanging ont with there partner, possessed by every move they make, every text they send, every phone call they have or even every night out they have without you. This is a recipie for disaster.

When two people meet and fall in love it is common for the jello mold thing to ooccur. This is another analogy like the fly paper. The two people mold togeather and are inseperable. The person that you fell in love with more than likely had personal qualities and traits and interest and hobbies. This is the person that you fell head over heels in love with. Now all of a sudden because of some endorphins and some elated feelings two people are acting silly and possible giving up for a time everything they did that made them who they are.

It is a natural thing to want to cling to someone that we h ave been spending so much time with. It becomes easy to think that this person is what creates our happiness and gives us what we need to survive each day. If one partner is feeling suffocated and wants space then it is important that you give it to them. It may be very difficult and You may feel lonely, a little rejected and very alone. Your partner isn't necessarily saying go away I don't like you anymore they are merely saying I have a part of my life to live that does not always involve you. It is important to continually communicate with your spouse about their feelings. When your partner talks to you do not take it personal if they say they want a little break.

If things are going crazy in the relationship, and if you feel like the more time you spend with your new found love the more you are pushiing him or her away. Do yourself a favor, and give it a little break. Go out with some friends once in awhile and encourage your partner to do the same. Do not keep your schedule open all the time just in case your new fling wants you to do something for them. While being at there beckon call 24/7 may seem like the heroic thing it actually becomes a turn off.

Ideally some time away and both partners having the opportunity to show some of there independence and do some of the things they love to do should be good for the overall relationship. If there are trust issues for either party because of an occasional break from each other then you may need to re-evaluate either A. The relationship or B. You own trust issues or your partners or possibly both A and B.

This type of behavior is normal for the real short term, but then it is important to get back to who you were. If you are a runner, keep running, if you had a regular card night with the guys, keep playing cards. If you didn't have any outside activities then start some. While some things in our lifes need to be altered and changed when we meet our true love, it is stilll important to maintain some of those familiar core things about yourself that make you who you are. Giving up everything that you like to do will only build resentment and then this leads to you thinking that maybe you have made the wrong choice in your choice of a partner. It is too easy too grow tired of this person if you feel like you are being smothered by them.

If you recognize this going on in you relationship then trying backing off and giving your partner her space. You should support her in continuing the things she loved to do when you met her and support your partner in pursing their dreams and passions. Don't take it personal that sometimes the best way you can support your partner is to just move out of the way once in awhile. The old saying "If you love it set it free, if it comes back to you it was your's, if not it never was". This carries true in relationships as well. Advoid the clingy,and look for the partner that had a life before you met him or her. It is for dang sure that you can't breathe that life into them. What will happen is , you will run out of breath.