Do you find that you struggle with mathematics? If so, you are not alone. It is not accident that math is one of the most struggled with subjects in academics. It can be hard! Fortunately, there is a way to maximize your chances in class and to not only pass, but excel. 

1. Take the Right Class for Your Skill Level

This seems obvious, but most of the time the biggest single reason that students struggle with math, especially in college, is that they are taking harder classes than they are ready for. There is nothing wrong with taking precalculus classes to prepare yourself for calculus. Yes, it takes more time, but it definitely beats jumping ahead of yourself and failing the class because you were not prepared! 

2. Assemble Powerful Resources Before Your Class Begins

What many students fail to know is that there are tons of powerful resources out there. Most universities offer free tutoring services. First day of class, go and reserve a tutor. Nothing is more handy than a higher level, knowledgable student to point you in the right direction. If you wait too long, all of the tutors can be taken by the time exams roll around and you need help the most! 

Another great resource is the use of study guides. Before entering any level of math class you should refresh yourself on algebra. I personally recommend using Algebra I For Dummies or Algebra II For Dummies to catch up and as a reference. The Dummies series got me up to speed for classes like calculus that I have to take for an engineering major. 

3. Act Like You Care

This is probably the most important part. You have to put forth the effort and look like you care about the class. Make sure your professor or the teaching assistants know that you are interested in the material and in learning it. The first second you have trouble, do not hesitate to shoot an e-mail or to see him or her after class. Be earnest, and show that you care about understanding the material and not just a good grade. 

Not only will a professor be more willing to help you, but he or she may also give you the benefit of the doubt when it comes to grading. Don't underestimate this!

Using the above tips, plus a little hard work and time, will ensure your success in any math class. Good luck!