Do you want your kids off the couch and exercising? Of course you do! Do you want to get closer to your children? Absolutely! Do you want to start an exercise program yourself, but can't find the time? Yes, you do! You can get your kids moving, exercise and get closer to them in the process. Exercise helps to curb childhood obesity, promotes good habits that will last a lifetime and will be fun.


Keep a positive attitude, remember, the more fun you make the time spent exercising, the more likely the kids will continue staying active. Too many children today are overweight and are experiencing health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes that were largely considered adult health issues. Childhood obesity is no joking matter, it just gets harder and harder for overweight kids. They are often the butt of jokes, teasing and taunts besides all of the medical issues.

Getting your kids to love exercising is as much of a chore as you think. The benefits will last a lifetime!

When to Start a Kid Based Exercise Program

Start good habits early. From the time your babies start walking, get them active. Toddlers love to walk. Go on a short walk with your toddler, 10 minutes is all it takes.

How to Exercise with Your Children

Make it a fun competition. See who can stand on one foot the longest, who can reach the ground with flat palms, or who has a bigger split. This is a great way to stretch muscles and learn some basic yoga moves. Again, Wii, Xbox, DVDs and YouTube all have basic Yoga moves to learn together with your children. Yoga teaches the body to stretch and stay balanced.

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Play kids games. Jump rope with your kids, go for a bike ride, take your kids to the park and actually play on the equipment with them. Don't just be a spectator. Who cares who’s looking. You are making memories along with strong and healthy bodies.

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As your kids get older teach them a sport. If you were into a particular sport growing up, pass it down to them. Don’t expect perfection and don’t put the stress of being the best on your child. It’s just fun. If you were never good at sports, but always wanted to be, now is the perfect time to learn together.

Learn basic Karate moves together. Many YMCAs have inexpensive karate classes. If you don’t have a YMCA close to you – head back to the computer and look for a Karate video. YouTube has so many great opportunities for you and your family to take advantage of.

While you are at the YMCA, teach them to swim or get swimming lessons. Swimming works a wide variety of muscles in your body all at the same time. Once you and the kids get water safe, a game of Marco Polo or tag is in order. They will be swimming, having fun and not even realize they are exercising.

 You will both get a good workout even though they won’t know it. They will view it as play time with you. Your kids will look forward to spending time with you. If you start good exercise habits early, your kids are more likely to continue exercising. Make exercise a 15 minute fun part of your day. When you find out how much fun you can have being a kid again, increase your exercise playtime.


Do not make this a hard training session. Take it for what it is, good old fashioned fun with the added benefit of exercise.