Battery life is one of the biggest complaints consumers have about their iPod. iPods have an average battery life of 3 years. With proper care and knowledge, you can increase your iPod battery life by a couple of years. This how to guide will go over some basic tips to help you get the most out of your iPods battery. If you are curious on just how much battery life you are getting, check out the following article on how to determine your battery life.

Things You Will Need

An iPod and basic understanding of its settings.

Step 1

Use your iPod Regularly: this might sound like a joke but a lot of people will use their ipod every few months. iPods are fixed with lithium batteries and without regular use, they will discharge over time. The easiest way to prolong your battery life is to use your iPod at least once a month and make sure to charge it.

Step 2

Fully Charge the Battery: A very common mistake people make with their mobile phones or iPods, is to charge them when they don't need it. To ensure you are extending your battery life you should only charge your iPod when it has become fully drained. Stop charging it when its at 50% and make sure to let it fully charge don't remove it at 75% because "it is close enough."

Eventually the iPod will think 75% is a full charge and you have now wasted and lost 25% of your battery power.

Step 3

Use your Hold Switch: Most people not only don't use their hold switch, they also don't know what it is for. The hold switch is to prevent buttons and controls from accidentally opening applications or skipping songs. Putting on the hold switch will prevent the use of power from buttons getting hit while your iPod is in your pocket or backpack.

Step 4

Keep Near Room Temperature: An iPod works best at room temperature, roughly 72ºF or 22ºC. Excessive heat or cold will effect the battery life of your iPod, so make sure to prevent yourself from leaving it near a stove or on the dashboard on a very hot sunny day.

Step 5

Limit the use of Applications, Movies or Songs on your iPod: If you are watching movies and playing games all day your battery life is not going to last and you will find yourself wondering why your battery is only giving you a couple hours a day. Skipping songs and fast forwarding uses alot of memory and power, which reduces your battery life. Create playlists and stop yourself from having to skip through 10 songs to find the one you want to listen to.

Step 6

Lowering and Adjusting your Settings: Lowering the settings will greatly reduce your battery consumption. Most of these steps are for the iPod touch but some also apply to the classic and nano versions.

1) Wi-fi: If you aren't using your Wi-fi then turn it off, it uses power by just being connected.
To turn it off go to Settings - General - Network - Wifi.

2) Email: Turning off push mail will save power and instead of getting mail when they are sent you can receive them at a globally set time.
To turn it off go to Settings - Fetch new data and then set push to off.

3) Backlight: Having the backlight always on will use your battery life very quickly. It is best to only use it when needed.
To adjust backlight go to Settings - Backlight timer.

4) Notifications: Most apps on the iPod touch send notifications and each time these are pushed through it uses power. To increase your battery life make sure to turn limit the number of notifications you receive.
To adjust your notifications go to Settings - Notifications - then turn off or adjust for specific app.

Step 7

Last and Probably the Most Important is Turning your iPod OFF: A lot of people leave their iPods running 24/7 and don't even realize that the iPod is not turned off. Most people think that sleep mode is turning the iPod off. In sleep mode the iPod is using less power but it will still drain your battery over time, so make sure to fully power off your iPod.

For the iPod classic and nano you hold the play/pause button until the screen goes black and then use the hold switch to prevent it from coming on accidentally. For the iPod touch you hold the sleep/wake button until you see the slide to power off come up and simply slide with your finger to power it off, remember to use the hold switch to keep it off. The shuffle has an on/off button and is much easier to power off.

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