In this article I will be giving you a few tips I use on a daily basis to extend my battery life. It works so well as I use my iPhone constantly through the day. It plays music for a few hours each day and I send hundreds of texts, but my battery holds up to it.

Things You Will Need

*You don't need a jailbroken phone for some of the tips in here just access everything from the settings menu, skip to step 5.
Jailbroken iPhone 1G/3G/3GS or iPod Touch 1G/2G/3G if you havn't jailbroken yet it's great just click here
SBSetting (Cydia App)

Step 1

Open up Cydia and search for sbsettings (tons of stuffs will show up)
Scroll down to the S's
Install SBSettings from BigBoss (System)
Once you install restart your iDevice just to be on the safe side

Step 2

After your iDevice boots up SBSettings should be operational
There will be no icon
To test swipe right to left on the top toolbar that shows the time and network,etc.

Step 3

After you figure out how to open SBSettings remember you can do this from almost anywhere including while browsing, watching videos, text messaging, and more. One place you can't use it from is the lockscreen.

Step 4

Once you bring up the SBSetting you will notice several things you can toggle on/off
- 3G
- Bluetooth
- Brighness^
- Processes
- Wi-Fi

Step 5

Here is where the extending your battery life part comes in. If you are not using 3G,Bluetooth,SSH,or Wi-Fi turn off the ones that apply now. Most people walk around all day with their Wi-Fi enabled and it will drain your battery. Your iDevice will be constantly looking for wireless networks to connect too eating up your battery.

Step 6

The #1 thing that will save your battery is the brighness. Open this up and adjust it as low as you are comfortable with. I use my iPhone a lot on the bus to listen to music and text not much for games. I pretty much turn off my back-light by lowering my brightness down all the way saving my battery. This is the top thing you can do. I have noticed hours and hours of battery life saved when I turn down my brightness and turn off my Wi-Fi when I'm not using it.

I understand a lot of people like the brightness up high but this can still help you. This program is so easy to open and make adjustments that whenever you want your brightness back your just a swipe of a finger away.

Step 7

The processes tab is the next one I use so much. I have noticed programs suck as Safari and Mail will stay open in the background long after you close them sucking your battery life. Just open SBSetting open the processes menu and kill any processes you are not using. This is very similar to the task manager on Windows computers.

Step 8

Other tips I recommend you try (you don't need a jailbroken device)

-Turn off location services
-Set the auto-lock to under 2 minutes

In general
-Location services

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