Over the last six years making money online has been obsession of mine and until recently never really earned that much passive income from it - I built 171 niche websites and never made over $400.xx a month with them - Out of frustration I let all but a few go back godaddy.com without renewing the domains. It just was not working for me. At the same time something in the back of my mind was telling me, "You can make money online and you know how, just do it" - So I kept trying and my road block was finally lifted.

The one that this is advertised about making money from the Internet is not what you need to know, but what they are selling you - I bought all types of pre-made websites made for Adsense in the past, and some for Amazon.com and a few others - Set them up and waited for the riches of the online empire to fall around my feet and make me a millionaire. They didn't and here is the big secret why I failed so much - "I didn't do any work to get web traffic to these websites - They just laid dormant like a rat sleeping in a back alley - while the online parade swept by -

I mentally blocked out the instructions that were right in front of me - It wasn't enough to just submit the web sites to the major search engines and some web directories - I needed to get my hands virtually dirty and get real one-way keyword targeted backlinks and a lot of them to make the niche - money making sites come alive - and steadily work at it - Why didn't I do this in the beginning? Simple - I was too lazy and purposely sabotaged my own goals by ignoring the obvious - I wanted to make money fast and easy - and the truth is, there is no such thing. The winner is the one person who does not stop getting laser focused keyword anchored backlinks -

It's a process that never really ends and is the gasoline for your money making engine - You see when you get a one way back link - it's not forever. You lose them almost as frequently as you gain them - Say that you work really hard for 141 hours and get about 57 back links (really probably less) - by the time you get the 57th one - you will have probably lost one or two that you negotiated for in the beginning. Reasons why you lose them vary - People let their url ownership lapse, they do a total change to their website and delete the content to start over, they reviewed your link and decided it's not want they want to associate with or your site is too spammy. There are many other reasons that I cannot even think of that could make you lose these little treasures.

Think of this process like hunting and gathering - Two hundred years ago - Men went out and hunted, killed and gathered food for their families - while the wife and children tended to livestock and the garden. It's not any different online - You livestock and garden are your websites and you are the hunter who goes out and gathers food for them. They had to do it every day - and so do we - Your goal is to feed links back to your website to become number one in the search engine results so people will find your site / url easily by the keyword phrase they type in.

Another time waster is investing in so called automatic link submission software - Don't do it - The search engines can see how spammy the results are and can penalize you for this - your submissions and link requests for your money making websites should be manual and keyword and descriptions should vary - example for the keyword "Make Money Online" - variances should be like the following:

  • Making Money Online
  • How to Make Money Online
  • Make Money from the Internet
  • How to Make Fast Money Online
  • How to Make Money Online Free
  • How to Make Easy Money Online
Do you get the idea? So when you make a manual link request to another webmaster you should give him the the link info like the this: "How to Make Money Online" - this has a two fold purpose - one you won't make him or her code your link for you (saves them time and effort) - and two - you are getting exactly what you asked for in your email request for your link.

Basically all the other stuff on how to create a website, optimize it for SEO, Google Adsense Placement, and how to install software like WordPress are readily available on the web - The above is what is really going to make you the money online that you want or need. It's not fast, and it sure ain't pretty, but this is what truly works. It's like a door to door salesman - he may have to knock on a hundred doors before he gets a buyer - but he doesn't quit even after he has made his first sale of the day. We have to have a bulldog mentality - bite down and fight - don't leg go of your goals, dreams, and work ethic that you have or will build.

I really hopes this helps everyone that reads it - and hope you realize your goals in the area of making money online and may God bless you and keep you and your family safe.